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Thorgrem: Still no good enough standard zoom for APS-C. The new 24-70 can be nice but not for APS-C. So this A6300 is still part of a crippled system. Nice that Sony released a new A6xxx body but they again forgot about lenses for APS-C. After al these years I think they will never learn.

There is a sigma line-up and tokina as well. Prime lenses.
I never shoot zoom lenses, (exeption my coolpix). Image quality prime is much better. So i take a couple of lenses with me.
I own the sony nex6, with lots of adapters i can shoot every m42, m39, ... you name it. Conclusion: lots of lenses! Why using zoom, are you lazy or what??

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It should be free, that makes consumers more satisfied.

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Any manufacturer launching a premium / high-end compact without evf (these days) is missing the spot. Of course lacking an evf is doen't mean it's a bad camera. But a viewfinder makes you compose better images and makes you part of the picture before you press the shutter.
What would an evf cost extra?

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Marty4650: My predictions:

The Sigma fans will swear that the image quality from this P&S camera tops anything else, due to it's unique "film like quality." Everyone else will have a good laugh.

After the initial batch of suckers buy this P&S camera for $1000, Sigma will announce that they have "made manufacturing efficiencies" and are lowering the price of a new version of this camera (the DP1M2) to $349.85.

Those who paid $1000 for the camera will get a free camera strap with the Sigma "Dick " logo on it, if they send in their proof of purchase and original receipt.

Well, the quality is indeed hard to beat. If I compare my dp2s shots with the shots of a Canon 7d, I still prefer the dp2s pictures. Though my Dp2s is outdated in terms of specs. but the picture is more apealing (of course this is a matter of personal taste). I have seen some samples of the new sensor, and it seems to be amazing. I thing the dp1 and dp2 Merrill will outperform most APS-C sensored cameras in terms of image character, quality and overall sharpness.
Sigma is not the kind of manufacturer which launches a new model every year. So, it is inevitable prices will drop within three years. In that time Canon will have launched two new models in all their ranges...
Of course the pricing of their SD1 was too optimistic, an insight which resulted in a dramatic price-drop (new manager).

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txabi: WOW, $1000? DP1M was just shot dead. There's reviews online already about the DP2M with the EXACT same conclusions as DP1 - DP2: amazing IQ, horribly slow performance & battery life.

This camera should have been priced between $500-$750, even then it would be a tough sell - and I love the Foveon sensor look, but get real, as long as Sigma doesn't get these cameras to perform in a speedy fashion, forget about it, nobody will buy them and they'll remain niche modes.

It's the Foveon technique wich is very processor-demanding. If you want to buy a fast camera, Sigma is not the equipment you're looking for. If you want amazing pictures wich can be upscaled easily, Foveon (Sigma dp1 merrill or sigma Sd1) is worth concidering.

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peevee1: Fixed lens with fixed focal length... practically useless. And for $1000????

That's not a well founded response. The products of Sigma are -as earlier mentioned- not everybodies cup of tea. But for me the Sigma Dp1s and Dp2s still produce fantasic images.
The Foveon sensor is only found in these camera's and creates unique images. Very sharp and very accurate. The images are sharp , corner to corner. That's what you get for your 1000 dollar. If it's too expensive, buy a Sigma Dp1x and wait for about two years and the new DP1 Merrill will be about 400 dollars.

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R Thornton: Regrettably, sigma is all about strong promises and weak perfomance. They are definitely on to somethng here, but who cares...

Better a nex7???? Well, Sigma significantly more pixels and a better lens. I think the Nex7 is an excellent camera, but uncomparable with the Sigma foveon camera's

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wootpile: I don´t get it. A mega capable sensor in a point and shoot toy. Too bad. I've said it about some other cams too, but if they had added a true swivel flipscreen these cams would sell in droves.

Why a swivel screen? @wootpile: you know the difference between a point and shoot camera and a prime-camera?
You know anything about sensors and sizes? If not:read and learn before posting...

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chadley_chad: DaSigmaGuy

... wow, how many times can you contradict yourself in one post?

he should be banned....

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angrytoe: "The DP1M will be available in March for around $2,299. Pricing and availabiltiy of the DP2M will be announced." - Adorama;

Edit: Just realised that that's the same price as the revised price for the SD1 - I imagine someone at Adorama has buggered up here.

I will buy it, after probably 1.5 years...

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whtchocla7e: I would probably pay $700-$800 for each of these cams.
Any higher and I'd be less excited.

Yes, but the sensor is making the difference. The pictures with foveon 46Mp are better than full-frame Leica, in my opinion.....

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roanjohnnyc: Oh my. I had a DP1 in the past and grew frustrated with the camera - very slow on almost everything shooting related (start-up, AF, write times etc)........ but the problem doesn't end there, try using their software to edit RAW files and you will be pulling your hair from frustration.

The image quality was great at base ISO though. Excellent in-fact albeit the magenta shift.

....... was going to try the upgraded versions but got lured by the m/43 and NEX format.

Well, this new sensor (46 MP) is another league.... The amount of detail is astonishing (Sigma Sd1).

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digitalelectrical: Good to see the DP1 Merril has F2.8, the previous model had F4, so I went for the DP2 instead.

Unfortunately still no EVF and I don't like the optical viewfinder as you then get the parallax effect. Solution is to buy an LCDVF from Kinotehnik, this is now possible because of the detailed 3 inch display.

So great to see the SD1 sensor come in such a small package!

Indeed: a viewfinder. Such a class-product, missing such an elementairy thing....

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Rob13: Did the manual focus wheel get deleted? :0(

Focussing with the lens-ring.

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farrukh: Only VGA video? Shame.

Well, if you want to buy a camcorder... Of course: filming in full HD would be nice. On the other hand: this is not a type of camera that suits the average customer. It's a typical camera, with a typical sensor. Built for the serious landscape / portrait photographer. If Sigma keeps improving the sensor in favour of image-quality, it's fine with me. I can buy a -say nikon p300- for filming HD.

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Dafffid: All that lovely tech inside, and still a cheap body to save a couple of $$. The X100 sold as much on its looks and feel as its guts, how much would it add to the price to put it in a nice box? Sigma are a company I greatly admire, but it seems there's a penny pincher in a grey suit intervening at a crucial stage in all their designs. But good luck to them, I hope it does well enough for them to continue making cameras.

The x100 doesn't have a foveon sensor. The price is too high, but that seem to be a sigma-strategy.
I'am a satisfied DP1 user and waited two years after it's release. It will drop with 50% each year.
I think we need companies wich develop special stuff. The Foveon 15Mp*3 sensor produces amazing images (in my opinion it outperformes the bayer-sensor).
About this camera: manual focus is a plus. The sensor is a sensational improvement. The viewfinder should be a standard accescoiry.

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