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To be honest, I did think that most of these were a little unexceptional. I think it says a lot about how photography is evolving.

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I can't take cameras without viewfinders seriously.... even Nikon. Just not practical on bright days. When are the manufactures going to learn.

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I think the looks of the filtered Instagram photos have noting to do with the original images. Therefore, they're meaningless.

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StephenSPhotog: Oh, I do wish I was rich...

I wouldn't really get hung up on the price. You often see these cameras on eBay. People who can afford them, then get rid of them as they don't appreciate what they have. The cameras are built to last for years. "Used" is a good way to acquire one. This way, there's a good chance it will come with a lens as well.

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liin: I'm gonna get flamed for this.

But I think there should be a dedicated ISO dial. I do not think that is bells and whistles we don't need. It would make digital M more minimal, in essence. No menus to go through for the three basic elements of exposure, sensitivity of capturing plane, exposure time, and amount of light. So, we have our ISO dial, shutter speed dial, and aperture ring.

In film, it was unreasonable to consider, say, ISO 64 or 200, when exposing shots, as it would be a lot of trouble to go through if I opted for the one that's not loaded. But that was then. Considering just shutter and aperture, and waving the whatever hand to ISO, is not thinking in term of best possible options. Going through menus to set ISO feels intrusive to the intuitive process of using M.

The new Sony Nex-7 has that ability. It has three separate programable dials. That paired with a Leica lens is a real object of desire.

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