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  • Replied in Alternatives
    You are completely missing the whole point of ETTR, which is to get maximum data in your RAW data files.   You need to search for and read Michael Reichman's articles on the subject.
  • Back in 2005, or thereabouts, when I bought my first FF DSLR (Kodak SLR/n), ETTR was a must with that camera.  The SLR/n was very noisy in the shadows, so ETTR helped reduce the noise.  I just ...
  • Strongly disagree.  Shooting at f16 will have noticeable impact on sharpness. I would shoot at f8, but not smaller than that. Better question:  What focus mode are you using?   I always use ...
  • I live in Bangkok, so very similar heat and humidity as Singapore.  I also use a dry cabinet for long term storage of my gear. Here is where I have a problem with your procedure.  You wipe the ...
  • Replied in Biased
    If you are going to have a thumbs up button, you must also allow the opposite, a thumbs down button.  Otherwise all you get is one side of the debate. If you do not, or will not, allow the thumbs ...
  • Replied in Bad poll
    The breakdown needs to be better categorized, or maybe subcategories under each heading.  Also, is there a difference in video usage between DSLR and mirrorless, or perhaps compact non-ILC cameras. ...
  • Wireless? That would mean a battery and that would mean another device that needed charging. No thanks.

  • Agree, I have had very bad experiences with these kind of rubber coated devices. I live in a hot and humid tropical climate and these rubberized devices have a very short life before degrading...

  • Raist3D, this article is a FIRST IMPRESSIONS during a video shoot. It is NOT a review. Wait for the full fledged review to learn what DPR says about it's stills capabilities.

  • Read only would not normally prevent you from deleting, but would usually throw up a dialog about "do you really want to delete these read only files".
  • Replied in Simplest way
    This is a common theme where windows permissions gets in the way of user needs. What I do to add/move/delete stubborn files/folders is to boot into a Linix utilities boot CD (although today it ...
  • Replied in Plus
    Agree and to add to what you said, combine single point AF (pinpoint AF, or whatever the smallest AF point mode is called) with BBF (yes, back button AF) and you have the greatest control over ...
  • I have been using BBF and recompose since forever, I cannot remember how long.  I have never had OOF issues using it.  But I will admit it will depend a lot on what subjects you shoot.   Most of ...
  • Replied in Always (nt)
  • Never said they couldn't, just pointing out that DPR is very gear oriented.
  • I think it's an inferiority complex.
  • DPR is a GEAR forum.  Always has been. If you are more interested in the artistic side of photography, rather than the gear aspect, then you will need to seek out a forum that is more aligned to ...
  • Replied in Panasonic GX85
    By far the best digiital fun camera I have owned. By far the worst was the Sony NEX series.
  • Also Xiaomi FIMI Palm, which comes with a tripod thread on the back.
  • Actually, I have NEVER experienced that.  But then, I also have very few apps installed.  I think I have only 1 paid app.  It's a phone after all, not a gameboy, and I do not use ANY social media. ...
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