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Holy sht. Wow, just wow. That silver. I mean, wow. You do you Pentax..but..WOW.

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Had the lens. Not good wide open, needs F3.2 to be exact and at F4 starts to become pretty sharp in the center. Corners not really spectacular till F8. The 35mm 1.8 DX is sharper wide open with smoother bokeh BUT...

I ended up owning the 35mm F2 D twice because it has nice sunstars, the center is really sharp at F4 and beyond and the warmer tones are quite pleasing plus it is a very fun lens to use given its short MFD.

So yeah, still a great lens.

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I think it's pretty clear that the best pictures of this pup were taken with the best camera. That's the camera that was reviewed right here on DPreview. The one with the comments section where everyone said it was the best of the best. That one.

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On article Review: Nikon Z 50mm F1.8 S (919 comments in total)

This picture gallery is pretty fantastic. Didn't expect that from DPreview. Nice job though.

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On article Sony releases long-awaited FE 35mm F1.8 lens (600 comments in total)
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chadley_chad: I know we’re talking full frame here, but this is the exact reason why I’m moving away from Sony APSC to M43 ... lack of lenses - and when ones are announced, the prices are stupidly high!

Whilst I’ll retain my RX1, my two RX100’s have just been sold and the A6300 is up on eBay tonight. The OMD5 MKII just looks so appealing used at circa £400 with fantastic IBIS, rotating touch screen and a bucketload of lens choice at great prices ... with not far off image quality from what I can see (for A4 printing).

The A7R is also available at £600 but again, all Sony are doing is sucking people in to an expensive format. Great cameras at low prices ... but then they have you on consumables.

And with all that said, I have to say, compared to the images from a friends OMD, those from my Sony just seem to lack depth and soul!

I've had the 17mm .95 Voigtlander, 17mm 1.2 and 17mm 1.8 Olympus. The 17mm 1.2 I think has a special rendering and next to my 35mm 1.7 Voigtlander, I often prefered it even though it wasn't as sharp wide open (but hey, 1.2 verses 1.7 on FF is a no brainer). Point being, Olympus has its own rendering style that some may prefer regardless of ultimate IQ differences between systems. It is an excellent system.

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On article Panasonic S Pro 50mm F1.4 sample gallery (194 comments in total)

I really hope this mount succeeds. Thus far, seems like they spent a considerable amount of time focusing in on the details from lens and body design to output. Just not sure at these prices and without class leading auto focus. But hey, if you can afford it....

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UllerellU: Nikon is finished, his cameras were always better than Canon but they could never turn the market around. Now his cameras are not better than those of his biggest rival without a mirror, how are they going to take over the market? Especially considering these failures. It turns out that Sony makes the best cameras, with the best technology and reliability, take time in FF mirrorless and its system is mature and full of good options in terms of lenses. The third-party lens policies that Sony has will eventually be implemented by Canikon, but it will be too late. In a few years only Sony and Leica will remain as manufacturers of cameras.

I think you mean hers.

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Jaloohan2: Some of these companies deserve to go under...They simply dont have the moto to ensure long term customers satisfaction...Glad sold all my Nikons.

Guess that would include Sony then. Original A7 series wobbly mount, bad EVF's and back screens that are known to stop working. A7II series with paint issues and you can find reports of IBIS problems as well. Lenses are a whole other story like the 70-200mm F4 that just happens to break in half.

I think Nikon is doing a pretty good job so far. Glad they're being pro-active.

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GarysInSoCal: GO SONY!... I'm a huge Nikon fan who will NEVER switch and I'm majorly happy to see Sony makin BIG waves in the full-frame market while threatening Nikon and Canon's very existance. WHY am I saying this? Because Nikon's R&D department is fugging BRAIN DEAD and needs a SERIOUS wakeup call. This recent onslaught of innovation by Sony will hopefully do just that.

My numberous recommendations to Nikon have gone unheeded, so I'm hoping they get their face bashed in in 'Round One' and decide to come to the fight in 'Round Two'. Sometimes you gotta get the shet beat out of you before you realize there's a fight going on.

And what recommendations were those? A 'bare bones' basic Nikon DSLR camera... like a D2000 kit (body-only $199) with 2 zooms (55-200 ED-VR/18-55 ED Non-VR) for $349... and then 4 new low cost G-Series primes (100 F1.8/135 F2.8/150 F2.8/170 F2.8). Or better yet... hey SONY... come out with these lenses and I'll SWITCH... are you reading this Nikon?... :D

Talk about being "brutally" honest....

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Kharan: Neither camera is bad, but they're both ugly as sin, with very limited controls, terrible viewfinders, and in the end have little except their large-ish sensor in their favor.
The Olympus E-M10II is a much better camera in almost all respects, and costs the same as the Canon kit. I'm quite sure that this product category is slated for extinction in less than a decade.

Except that the E-M10 III has pretty abysmal AF that's still only contrast based. Reviews demonstrate this weakness. Forget about getting anything moving in low light. No mic jac despite 4k and video AF is useless. What's the point in having a stylish small ILC if it can't do the one thing you pay for in a modern camera- auto focus!

This is why Canon is and will continue to wipe the floor with it's old outdated designs over Olympus. They focus on exactly what people need and no one complains. Now here we have a camera with dual pixel shift that gives great AF in video mode. Not to mention most people aren't viewing 4k footage anyway.

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On article Sony a7 III Review (2196 comments in total)
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Average User: Lens experience and suggestions: The A7III and the A7r series are capable of incredibly great detail, if you use good enough lenses. I am using most, the F4 Sony Zeiss 24-70. My copy was poor, but I sent it back to Sony (free) and they made it excellent. I have the Sony F2.8 24-70 gm, but it's so much bigger I mostly use the F4. I also have the F4 70-200. Stellar. Smaller than the F2.8 but equally as sharp. Next, must have at least one lens you can use in low light. Best deal is the 28mm F2, which is extremely sharp and at f2, under $500, is nearly two stops faster than the zooms. Very small. I use it for indoor at night casual shooting. These three lenses give you a full range very high quality kit, for not too much money.
The 90 mm F2.8 is incredibly sharp, less than $1000 and serves both as a general lens and as a close up macro lens. I also love the F1.8 55 mm Sony/Zeiss which is also one of the sharpest lenses on the planet.

If you want sharp- add in the Voigtlander 65mm f2. It's evil sharp. I'd add the loxia 21 and 85 to that list as well. I had to keep putting band aids on my fingers when I first shot with the 65mm it was so sharp. Now I just wear gloves.

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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-H1 Review (524 comments in total)

I'm kinda surprised how well this second video from Chris and Jordan went. Seamless transition- didn't skip a beat from CTSTV. Exactly what DPreview needed IMO. Some humor and added personality.

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On article Sony a7 III sample gallery (543 comments in total)

I'm not seeing it.

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The only thing odd about it starting at 28mm is the odd comments about it starting at 28mm.

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On article Hands-on with Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS200 / TZ200 (128 comments in total)

I'll stick with the Olympus Mju II for my stealthy needs.

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sunjester: It really seems the two MFT manufacturers work very hard to separate their low, mid, high end.

Olympus downgrades the em10 III to make room for the not yet released em5 III. Panasonic down grades their gx9 to make room for a high end range finder.
One could surmise that when only software gimmicks are the real differences a manufacture has no choice.

As a MFT user it is very disappointing.

It's very disappointing....until you buy it next year for half the price!

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On article Sony announces lightweight FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS lens (296 comments in total)
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Waterengineer: Sony (lenses) = bring your money.

Can't deny that. If I were about the feature set with Sony (which I am) then going native IMO is the way to go. Right now I adapt most lenses. The only native one I have is the 50mm loxia. This release is the only native lens I actually think is worth the money for me and looking at the price- somewhat reasonable. Yes, somewhat higher than competition but given the useful range- and even speed- not to shabby.

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On article Sony announces lightweight FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS lens (296 comments in total)
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Waterengineer: Sony (lenses) = bring your money.

It's 1300. Hardly breaking the bank. If the performance is there it looks to be a solid winner.

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On article Hands-on with Ricoh's compact Pentax KP (637 comments in total)

This thing is dope! Removable hand grips? Freaking check check and check!!! Damn fine is what that is.

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On article Pinnacle Prime: Olympus ED 25mm F1.2 Pro sample gallery (200 comments in total)

T-stop please.

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