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On article Nikon's New D5 and D500 Push the Boundaries of DSLR (719 comments in total)
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Trubbtele: A7R II are to small for my hands. And use mirrorless Sony in nature is not right element for that camera either. Who cares about the size, I use digital Hasselblad in the forrest for years, so for me DSLRs are quite small,
from my point of view :-)

You must have absolutely ginormous hands. I have big hands and have no trouble with a GM5.

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GrahamSeventy1: Reasons why Mirrorless are not doing so well

1. With a lens attached their still not pocketable - so micro 4/3 only has dis-advantages compared to APS-C
2. Using a completely new lens system instead of regular DSLR lenses - a big mistake
3. Their tiny size gives the impression of a toy camera less capable than a DSLR + less grip, not well matched with a big/heavy lens

Menu's are full of unnecessary crap, but as has been said before all can be left in auto mode.

Something that might appeal to those who never go anywhere without there camera - add a sim slot/phone functionality to a camera so there's no need to carry a mobile - kill the phone industry the way their killing the camera industry !

Your second and third reasons are those why mirrorless cameras are doing well. The first is just not true. I carried my new GM5 with 12-32 around all weekend in one pocket and a 35-100 in another.

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