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A Walk in Central Park, NY Fujifilm X System / SLR Talk Nov 15, 2013
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GXR photos of classic truck Ricoh Talk Oct 22, 2012
GXR. M-Mount. The final way with manual lenses? Should I stay or should I go... Ricoh Talk Oct 13, 2012
GXR still goes on. Photokina news. Ricoh Talk Sep 25, 2012
RX100 RAW versus JPEG from this weekend. . . Sony Cyber-shot Talk Jul 23, 2012
There is the new LX7 - Link to Russia Sony Cyber-shot Talk Jul 18, 2012
Just posted - Sean Reid's review of the A16 zoom Ricoh Talk Apr 6, 2012
Lens flare ? Ricoh Talk Jan 11, 2012
BYthom starts a mirrlorless forum but Ricoh is not even noted Ricoh Talk Dec 11, 2011
grab a GXR MOUNT A12 if you can Ricoh Talk Nov 12, 2011
photo: tree & house (GXR-M + pinhole) Ricoh Talk Oct 22, 2011
what types of pictures to have Pentax SLR Talk Jul 11, 2011
D40 Auto Metering on a manual lense Nikon DX SLR (D40-D90, D3000-D7500) Talk Feb 23, 2011
K5 price...just pulled the trigger! Pentax SLR Talk Nov 24, 2010
K5 - ISO 6400 - Lantern Walk Pentax SLR Talk Nov 20, 2010
DPReview Redone K-5 Images Pentax SLR Talk Nov 17, 2010
I received a nice surprise in the mail this week... Pentax SLR Talk Nov 6, 2010
How many times have I biked under this bridge? Pentax SLR Talk Oct 24, 2010
Mass Hysteria Poll (K-7 blur) Pentax SLR Talk Oct 13, 2010
Pentax EVIL? Pentax SLR Talk Oct 12, 2010
Prime Nights [11 imgs - FA31, FA43, DA*55] Pentax SLR Talk Oct 5, 2010
K-R! Where is the love? Pentax SLR Talk Oct 5, 2010
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LX3 + Raynox 250 (nice partnership) Panasonic Compact Camera Talk Mar 1, 2010
private lens road map Pentax vs Nikon Pentax SLR Talk Jan 18, 2010
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K-x: Big in Japan ;)! Pentax SLR Talk Dec 14, 2009
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Which retailers have the Lumix models? Panasonic Compact Camera Talk Nov 24, 2009
About the Pentax DA- Limited 'jewellery' collection Pentax SLR Talk Nov 15, 2009
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LX3's updated 2.0 Firmware - Intervalometer please! Panasonic Compact Camera Talk Oct 1, 2009
LX3 as an ONLY Camera? Panasonic Compact Camera Talk Jun 27, 2009
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LX3 images(3) witch one is better? Panasonic Compact Camera Talk May 15, 2009
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what do you think of the small tripods?? Nikon SLR Lens Talk Feb 20, 2009
Help! Stuck polarizing filter Nikon SLR Lens Talk Feb 17, 2009