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It’s quite amazing that people have such strong opinions about a camera that not yet have been released. We don’t even have a press release, only rumors. Still many comments on how bad this camera is. Lets wait and see.

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What is most interesting with Oly cameras is their reliability. I have had three of them (OM D 5, OM D 10 II-III). Wonderful cameras when they work. Had issues with all of them. The OM D 5 just froze and went black. Electronic motherboard repaired/changed. OM D 10s lose the door to battery/sd card compartment underneath. They lose vf eyecup and also freeze from time to time. Tried the OM 1 mk 2 in shop- only thing I saw in viewfinder was black. The guy in shop grabbed it and said it and said this was a common problem and that this camera shouldn’t be available for demo !! Pity that DPR don’t focus on cameras reliability. I still stick with Olympus. Many brands (not only Oly) have issues.

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I don’t understand this. M4/3 once was all about small and light cameras and lenses, then Olympus release this giant to compete in a segment totally dominated by Canon. Who will buy this camera in large enough quantities for Olympus to make a profit out of it ? Hope we see a OM DEM 5 mk III soon.

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Quote from the review: «With a 30MP sensor, fantastic color reproduction and on-sensor autofocus, the EOS R can produce some beautiful photographs with pinpoint-accurate focus.» Is not this what it is all about ? Also seems that Canon has produced one of the few mirrorless cameras with a well functioning auto-focus in low light. Olympus cameras with smaller sensor and really bad autofocus performance ( I own and have experience with all the Oly-models) all get over 80 % rating. A 79 % rating for this Canon R seems way too low.

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All cameras (even cell phones) can produce decent photos in day-light. Therefore I think galleries always should present pictures that represents a challenge to the camera. Shots taken in dim light, concert-photos, indoor sports with high iso, portraits in mixed light etc. Otherwise these galleries are nearly worthless.

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Great. But Lets hope they fix the two mirrorless issues: 1. Autofocus in dim light. 2. Poor batterylife. If not I will stick to my 80D and 6D.

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What is all this talk about Canon being a company in decline? Latest IDC-survey shows they have a marketshare of 43.3 percent and growing. By far the most succesfull camera-manufacturer. I am a pro Canon-user myself. And why? Reliability, real work horses, intuitive to handle, great batterylife, great IQ, AF in low light and world best lens availability. Nikon is equally good for Pro-use. Depends on what You prefer.

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Canon 6 D mk 2 will surely be a great camera in the hands of a good photographer. As would models from Pentax, Olympus, Fuji, Nikon etc etc. All this endless debates on what camerabrand is the best, ignores the fact that it is almost impossible to see any difference between a photograph shot with for example a Canon in comparison to a Nikon or a Pentax. Stick to the brand You are comfortable with. Learn its menus and handling, and you will save a lot of money.

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"The first APS-C sensor compact with a fixed zoom?". Is the Canon G1X (with wonderful IQ ) already forgotten? And although very simple - it has a viewfinder.

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