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On article RIP Lightroom 6: Death by subscription model (1553 comments in total)

I would go to C1 but it still can't handle my film scanned tiff files. If it could load them in consistently, something even windows Paint seems to handle, then I would be there like a shot. But it's bloody annoying that they don t fix it.

For now I'm happy with LR6 and cs5

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EssexAsh: So, out of all that , is there a version that will get regular updates and still let you keep your catalogue on your local hard drive

Don't quite see the problem then

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So, out of all that , is there a version that will get regular updates and still let you keep your catalogue on your local hard drive

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finally? there are plenty of apps out there that let you upload to instagram from a pc.

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On article Nikon's official D850 lens recommendation list (303 comments in total)

My 135mm DC is permanently on my 810 for portraits and never found it lacking

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Best ever in the small sample they have tested you mean

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nandadevieast: How big files can Snapseed handle? How many megapixels?

I'm using it with 20mp dng's from a huawei p10+ with no problem

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Maybe they can invest some of that in making their software run acceptably fast

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On article iPhone X: What you need to know (411 comments in total)

So it's borderless apart from the border and the face recognition doesn't work. Yay .

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Waiting for all the tragic hipsters and fanboys to come out. In 3, 2, 1........

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How much? I'll stick with my Nikon 105mm and adapter

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Just buy a regular one and scratch any word you want into the body with a rusty nail. Truly unique then.

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Cameracist: Here in Europe we know how to call all that. It's now your turn to find out, America.

We don't need a written right, we're civilised enough to know it's allowed by default

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Land of the free my ass

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I guess if it was brass it would weigh about 2kg but for that price they should spray it any colour you like to appease the tragic hipsters it's aimed at

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dgumshu: So what is the relevance of theses photos? What am I missing here? It's tragic that people died, but it's just a recent ship wreck and the photos only show damage... that's to be expected in any wreck. It's not the Titanic, Lusitania or the Arizona.

Theses shots don't reveal any truth, provide any evidence of guilt or innocence or anything else for that matter... just damage. What was the pourpose of all the sneak around drama... as though he was trying to uncover some wrong doing?

The reason? To make a mediocre coffee table book to sell and make money from the sort of people who slow down on motorways causing logjams to look at accidents.

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On article Ask the staff: wedding season weirdness (273 comments in total)

Wedding photographers , paparazzi who have learned to throw the background out of focus

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How do you know he had more skill than he let on. Maybe it was the gear making him better

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Boeing skipper: "You can build a windows PC for a much lower price". This is what I did two years ago, spent $2,000 on a custom build. I have so many issues with my PC, I've had rasomwares, viruses, Windows forcing updates on a weekly basis if not more, crashes and various bugs.
Meanwhile, I've used Macbooks at work and when I travel for the past 4 years and I never ever had a single issue with them.
The day Windows become as reliable as Apple products, I'll switch over, but for now I'm looking to replace my PC with the iMac Pro.

And yet here I sit with my 4 year old pc, never having a problem. Although I don't blindly click on links I don't know, so never had ransom ware, I keep my virus checkers up to date so never had a virus, I install all those nasty updates that Microsoft "force" on me and never had a problem. So I've never felt the need to blame the manufacturer for my own mistakes.

When it came time to upgrade a little last year I took the side panel off and plugged in a far more powerful video card that cost a few quid. Rather than being forced to sell the system off and buying whole new vastly overpriced one.

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mais51: Stick with my iPhone 7 - will buy a Samsung when I need a torch.

Or somewhere to plug headphones in

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