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jadot: I’m in the market for a 2k monitor and this looks pretty nifty to me. I’ll stack it up against the BENQ 27whateverit’scalled, but this sounds like (and looks like) it will compete.

I’ve had 4K and 5K monitors - in the case of the iMac I always ran it at a ‘standard’ 2K 1440 res - it’s just easier to work on. My photography is not all about resolution, and my editing is, or should preferably be, about comfort. And. Before you start with me on “screen real-estate’ please remember that I am from the UK - we deal in property - not real estate - and also, it’s a computer monitor, not a bit of land, yeah?

Not that interested in 4K.

I posted above on the same notions. For workflow reasons does one really need more than WQHD (2K)? You can see a tiny bit more detail at 4K yet you really have to seek it out at full magnification. Other than that aWQHD monitor gives you way better performance as you require less system ressources, less cost, exactly the same colour capabilities in a similar range ( SW BenQ line for example). Maybe silly but the reason why against common sense of keeping my BenQ SW321C on my small desk run with an iMac 27" 5K is a slightly larger surface and that beautiful matte surface. Not at all because it is 4K.
If you primarily do stills editing above WQHD is luxury, not a necessity.

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f1point4andbethere: When I can get a 40 to 50" 8k monitor, I'll do it. 32" is just too small for 8k and my eyes. I fear it will never happen though; 40 to 50" is too small for an 8k tv, but too large for a monitor apparently.

There you are very right. For me I really noticed the limit of 4K at 27" be too close for viewing. A 32" 4K leaves so much more comfort from further away. An 8K would have to be a lot bigger, and there I'll need a bigger house, bigger desk more space and new glasses.

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Urbex Mark: Great for those who can afford it but it makes me appreciate my Benq 27" more and more.

I haven't even started to base film edits on 4K, nor have I bought the recent Canon R5 to do 8K. With a 20TB RAID with another 30TB backup, can you imagine what is needed for a 8K video editing system? Agreed a trusty close friend that brings you joy in editing stills or video on a 27" is a real feeling of joy rather than pixel envy!

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JE River: Personally speaking, high resolution screens don't help me at all for editing photos. I haven't even made it up to 4k yet for my calibrated monitor. They are great for viewing photos though.

Color accuracy is vastly more important than resolution once resolution hits a certain point, which it did long ago.

I think monitor makers are pushing for "new" stuff to sell people on. They aren't making much money if people stick with their older stuff that works perfectly fine for photo editing. A 10 bit 98%+ aRGB monitor from 8 years ago is still relevant.

Just speaking of photo editing. I could see how video editing might be more apt for this device when shooting in the 4k-8k range.

Marketing do like to push 4k 5k 6k or even 8k over QHD or WQHD ( 2k if you like). As much as I love my BenQ SW321C 4K 32" I have often said that for stills editing my SW270C is the perfect monitor taking up less space, less energy, less cost, and most importantly less system ressources. You may see the slightest details at a pixel level, yet that is rarely what editing phots is about.
Colour accuracy or repeatability though can be the same for 2K or the higher resolution monitors. Yet I am not confident that an 8 year old monitor will be at it's peak, and image quality will slightly suffer (for purists). Even the very devices used to measure change over time some more or much more than others depending on the RGB filters used.

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Ziginox: If only that VP2776-2K had 100% AdobeRGB instead of DCI-P3, it would be a nice shot across the bow for Benq with their SW2700PT that I've been eyeing for a while...

The per centre numbers given are the best they can do to inform users of potential. In the end it is a short way of doing so. 99 or 100% coverage is a calculated volume, yet it does not say where in the locust it is placed nor at what depths. I am glad to see others trying to keep up with BenQ's lead. These monitors look really good! The SW2700PT has been out for a long time, it is the monitor that introduced me to BenQ. This year BenQ will have new monitors and as usual they will have great specs too!

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On article Some versions of Capture One are now more expensive (202 comments in total)

A client fashion photographer who often rents my studio, bought the V21 upgrade only to have it fail on shoot. Many tries later and correspondence with tech support had them refund the purchase, they couldn't find the problem. He is happy that Lightroom with it's latest versions doing error free tethered capture.
Many users in my circles are stopping at V20 and rightly so. Quit calling updates upgrades C1!
Oh why do C1 fans keep saying far better much better etc compared to LR? Both are good, some things are very good, and some things unique in their own way. Learn them both use the one that fits best. C1 continues to push the price up thus will become more exclusive. Lightroom will continue to serve too many uses, yet remain extremely affordable.

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On article Photokina is cancelled indefinitely (368 comments in total)

I have great memories from Photokina. I can get news from sites like this but nothing can replace the human contact by others dedicated to imagery.

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(unknown member): I bought an Epson scanner similar to this with all the attachments for about $79 a few years ago...not sure where the consumer push is for something like this.

The new Epson since the V700 are perfectly suited to higher level scanning. Rotary scanners are dead, sadly missed for the quality. A copy stand and good DSSLR/hybrid with an excellent macro or flat field lens can also produce top quality results. Flatbeds are just so easy, the lens doesn't have to be perfectly aligned, the light source is checked for calibration. I do understand the idea of the film advance, much better than Epson film holders. Yet recently I have been thinking about getting rid of my film archive, and the best solution is an Epson V850. Setting up a correct copy system for this would not be practical.

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I used the beta recently with Screenflow and my 77D. It worked so much better than a cheapo Webcam, and better than the iMac 27" 5K Facetime camera (really bad). Hope the official release works as well, as Zoom locked up on a previous call. That is quite a list of cameras. Even my old 5D MK111 is in there.

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Ellis Vener: I am baffled. Surely it would make more sense for Profoto to hire Godox to make a Profoto mount version of the S2. Even if Godox charged Profoto a 50% premium over the retail price of the S2, wouldn’t Profoto have been able mark the price by 150 or 200% and, at least in theory, would be able to sell more because of the lower price?

Broncolor recent transmitters are in fact Godox X1T modified. They do however charge 5X the price of street value Godox.

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neilsnape: Disappointing that there is no 50mm 1.8 or f2 that is quality. I currently use a Tampon 45mm f1.8 which is a bit funky due to slow focus and with recent cameras you have to turn off lens correction. Yet it is so sharp and usable right from full open. I do not want to spend >2000 on a 1.2 they are just too heavy. Give me a great f2 or at least a 1.4 if the price is not too high. The other zoom is nice though!

seloo I've had multiple copies of the 1.8. I never had any luck with any producing results that are in my level of expectations. At f2.8 they are only starting into line of what is acceptable compared to say a Sigma Art, or this ( I'll watch autocorrect this time) Tamron. Most technical reviews of the nifty fifty show that it is more like f5.6 where you'll find the lenses become dialled in to maximum quality. Perhaps you have an extraordinary copy?

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neilsnape: Disappointing that there is no 50mm 1.8 or f2 that is quality. I currently use a Tampon 45mm f1.8 which is a bit funky due to slow focus and with recent cameras you have to turn off lens correction. Yet it is so sharp and usable right from full open. I do not want to spend >2000 on a 1.2 they are just too heavy. Give me a great f2 or at least a 1.4 if the price is not too high. The other zoom is nice though!

haha darn autocorrect. Funny though what we need now.

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Disappointing that there is no 50mm 1.8 or f2 that is quality. I currently use a Tampon 45mm f1.8 which is a bit funky due to slow focus and with recent cameras you have to turn off lens correction. Yet it is so sharp and usable right from full open. I do not want to spend >2000 on a 1.2 they are just too heavy. Give me a great f2 or at least a 1.4 if the price is not too high. The other zoom is nice though!

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Holografix: Any performance improvements?

Supposedly as with each update. Yet my 9.4 version was working fine, the v10 update makes it painfully slow; iMac 8gb ram, 40GB ram top of the line processor, running on RAID0.

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henrikbengtsson: Just out of curiosity, and I hope I am wrong: they already have colorgarding for highlights and shadows.

Did they just add the same code for the midtones (some tweaks for blending), created 3 wheels for selection and called it a day?

I'm finding the controls jerky and non responsive. I never had delays with the last split tone, which I use on almost all color images.

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Shirozina: The new 'grading' tools are nice but to really take advantage of them it would be good to see some proper scopes like RGB parade to see the distribution of color and tone and vector scopes to see the hue shape and a skintone indicator. These are essential for grading video and I see no reason they can't be incorporated into a stills workflow.

Lightroom is built upon the concept of working a print in the darkroom It is a visual first application. Indicators like the histogram, clipping indicators etc are there for you, yet the visual is the key to LR. I can grade in Davinci and definitely am guided by the parades etc. I wouldn't want that in LR.

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Nice idea, in theory it could have been good! But**** the performance is a nightmare. I hope to be able to go backwards as I use split tone on almost all color images. I cannot use this poorly crafted code. Arghhhhhh Adobe what are you doing?

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Since I use split tone for many images almost always for color, an improved split tone is good for me. After this could Adobe please make a skin uniformity control so I would have less regrets?

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Good equipment, better than the less expensive copies but the market is drying up for over priced flash. Good luck Profoto, Broncolor and all other old friends of the bygone era.
My Broncolor lights are still running perfectly, yet all my new stuff justifies the market, which is obviously much less expensive.
I have a V1 Godox which is truly fantastic for the 125€ I paid. When they make a new version perhaps they too will have Bluetooth.

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neilsnape: Cute lenses, yet I do not understand this fascination with very old lenses for modern cameras. For example for my Canon bodies both ff and APS C my 35mm f2 IS is lightweight super fast focus, without error other than a lot of vignetting at wide open.
Buying lenses so you look cool while others MAKE pictures with what is great equipment makes sense.

If you make boring pictures with precise lenses the fault is not with the equipment.

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