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StevenE: People question m4/3 format for good reason when we see lenses like this at US$1300.
This is equivalent to a FF 24 f/2.8, which can be had for Canon at US$550, less than half the price and it is smaller and lighter. Even more significantly, you can get a FF 24mm f/1.4 from Sigma for US$850, that's a US$450 savings, and there is, and likely never will be, a m4/3 equivalent to that!
So, although it has it's uses, micro 4/3 is a compromised format

@Great Bustard - I'm guessing the Canon won't do so well at f1.4!

Link | Posted on Jun 18, 2016 at 07:12 UTC
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panther fan: The thing people complain about is that a [24mm F2.8 ISO 800] on FF and a [12mm F1.4 ISO 200] on M43 will produce exactly the same Image. Same angle of view, same Noise, same DOF. Thats all Fine. But the lenses for FF are Cheaper an lighter which kinda combats the advatages of M43.

Example Batis 25mm F2. Both 335g. Batis being eqivalent 1 Stop faster and even Cheaper.

I love the M43 System but that lens is too heavy for what it is.

Good luck using your Batis at f1.4!

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p5freak: Lets see if it has extreme distortions like the Oly 12mm f2, which have to be software corrected, which is pathetic.

Still produces excellent images though, even in the corrected corners!

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ogl: It's just 24/2.8 FF lens analogue in terms of DOF.

Great Bustard loves his light gathering! Every post about an m43 lens ends up with his equivalence story and noise!

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ogl: Nikon 24/2.8 DxL - 63.5x45.7 mm, filter 52 mm, 270 grams, 392 USD.

@BJN: "Very close in terms of speed and focal length equivalent."
Focal length and DoF, yes. Speed, no.

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akjos: Cool and interesting lens... but I think high quality fast 28mm eqv or 35mm eqv would have been much more welcome and better seller as overall much mote useful focal length.
I just got the 15 1.7 and if panasonic made 28 ,30 or 35 with F1.2 or 1.4 amd added OIS that would have been awesome.

With you on the fast 28mm!

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Aroart: I find it amusing that people will hate this camera because of no 4k and those same people would not need or use 4k to its full benefits .... but a real film maker Casey Neistat uses a 70d for most of his vlogging...This is a you tube vloggers dream come true camera...

@Kewlguy - "If video is SO important to you, look elsewhere."
Well, the thing is, Canon has made it a video centric camera. They've put on some great features, why not 4K? Have you seen 4K downsized to 1080p? I have, there's a video comparing a 5D2 (or 5D3) shooting 1080p against a Samsung Galaxy Note shooting 4K downsized. The Samsung video was better. I can't think of a comparison done where 4K downsized to 1080p wasn't better than a 1080p only video.

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Nice strap. Not sure what all the fuss is about. A photographer has produced a nice strap and is charging money for it.

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prtsmnn1: What a waste of brain space ! Not going to waste my time here.
Many companies make leather items for a lot of different purposes, nothing new here. Where do you suppose all the leather comes from.
Many boot companies use Bision . You can order Bision boots and belts From LL Bean .
You can go out to many upscale restaurants and order Bision to eat.
I pay for what I want with my money so if you don't like it then what is that to me?

I reported it as inappropriate yesterday, it's still here though.

Link | Posted on Nov 16, 2015 at 13:03 UTC
On article Video: Capturing nature with the Canon EOS 7D Mark II (209 comments in total)

Awesome review! Much better than the typical DigitalRev videos. Can we expect more of these?

Link | Posted on Nov 12, 2014 at 20:11 UTC as 57th comment
On article Canon announces EOS C100 Mark II (269 comments in total)
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Bhima78: This looks good for professionals that are already shooting with lots of Canon glass... to the budding professional, this price point puts it squarely against the A7S with the 4K addon. Pretty sure the A7S with that addon will absolutely mop the floor with this though. Of course, maybe the A7S has more rolling shutter and this has none. Someone that is actually a videographer, chime in as to why you would buy this other than owning Canon glass already, over the alternatives (especially the A7S with the add-on).

Surely a "wannabee amateur" is a pro?

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On article Portfolio: Photography student Luke Evans (157 comments in total)
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pew pew: @dpreview rather show the portfolio of some dpreview members, theres some excellent photographers on the forums, then this pseudo wannabe artsy photos.

This is how all arguments should turn out on DPR. Though very few actually do sadly.

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On article Portfolio: Photography student Luke Evans (157 comments in total)
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Kodachrome200: who the heck cares about this. thousands of photo students a year graduate with work this nice most better. if you want to highlight photographers work on this page why not do movers and shakers in the industry.

Love them! Very clever. This is DPR so not really surprised lots of people are being spiteful with their comments.

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Zigadiboom: The price is very reasonable as I believe paying a premium for a Hasselblad over a Pentax is well worth it... but the lack of wifi is a deal breaker for me as I need ready access to facebook and instagram to upload pictures of my kids and pets running around.


Link | Posted on Mar 4, 2014 at 08:42 UTC
On article Richard Franiec creates custom grip for Panasonic GM1 (46 comments in total)
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joe6pack: Stop the press! A vendor has just made an add-on to a camera! No one has ever done that before.

Coming up next: A camera bag that fits Panasonic GM1. Imagine that!

Actually I appreciate the post, I bought one for my S90 because I saw it on DPR, didn't know it existed before then. I think DPR should report on more quality accessories.

Link | Posted on Jan 21, 2014 at 21:42 UTC
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yabokkie: small sensor doesn't necessarily mean lower quality in low light. 4/3" should be able to compete with 35mm format with f/1.4 zooms (12-35/1.4 and 35-100/1.4) and f/0.7 primes (18/0.7, 25/0.7, and 43/0.7). someone will make them for us, Pana, Oly, Sigma, or Tamron.

but still from these shots we can see the image qualities are not good at base ISO. smaller sensor means lower quality in adequate light (same ISO means shallower wells on smaller sensors, thus more noise, lower quality).

shoot at ISO25 with a 43/0.7 lens on a 4/3" camera,
when will we be able to do it?

What's wrong with 16MP? Isn't the D4 16MP? The 1Dx is 18MP. Someone on the Fuji forums just posted a picture taken with a 16MP sensor that was blown up to 18' and put on the side of a building!

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nerd2: Even with misleading f1.2 aperture the DOF control (or lack thereof) looks worse than lowly 50mm 1.8 on APS-C camera. If you're after portrait, save your money and go to larger format period.

You know that APS-C is closer in size to m43 than it is to FF right? I keep seeing posts by APS-C users talking about the 'tiny' sensor in m423 cameras and how they'll stick to their "huge" APS-C sensor.

f1.2 on m43 is like f1.4 and a bit on APC-S. Not sure the difference would be noticeable at any focal length.

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arbuz: L-Fn button - so Olympus now copies Samsung NX solutions? Well, well, who would have thought...

I don't know who was first or second, but I do know my Oly 12-50 has the same button.

Link | Posted on Sep 10, 2013 at 10:07 UTC
On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1842 comments in total)

A really poor interview. For instance the question about the price hike was brushed aside with a comment about Lightroom pricing! How was that relevant to the question? Did you pursue it? Did he refuse to answer?

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On article Olympus m.Zuiko 17mm F1.8 first impressions and samples (255 comments in total)
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Dave Knadler: Wish I had waited a bit longer before buying the 20mm f/1.7. Now I suppose eBay will be filling up with the Pannies.

I'm also putting my Panny 20mm up for sale. I bought the 17mm the other day and it's a really good lens, especially the IQ.

Link | Posted on Feb 8, 2013 at 08:17 UTC
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