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  • Range of the 16-50 is good and the size is fantastic BUT image quality of that lens ... horrible! This lens, if equivalent to the 30mm as expected, should be wonderful. I just wish it wasn't sooo...

  • I don't know about that Mike Fl. The a6000 is a sweet camera but if looking for lenses specific to the aps-c e-mount, there is not a great selection. In-fact, there is a dearth of good lenses. ...

  • Appreciate the feedback.  I'll see what I can do with Cura and will try established STL files but my primary aspiration and goals is custom designs.  Hopefully, I can figure out how to do this ...
  • No, I did look at that forum but didn't see anything related to printing and thought of all the various forums, this was the best one to post a question about 3d printing.
  • I appreciate the advice on Autodesk Fusion 360.  I hadn't heard of it before but will research.  I also appreciate the caution on Blender.
  • Thanks Entropy.  I think if I go this route, I'll use or at least start with their version of Cura and possibly later try Photoshop.  This is a new realm for me.
  • Created discussion thread Photoshop for 3d printing?
    I'm thinking about trying out 3d printing with a Lulzbot Mini and am ignorant about software needs but I have over twenty-years of Photoshop experience.  I know that a couple of iterations ago ...
  • I believe Jos van Eekelen gave the best advice.  The SL-1 is a good camera and if sticking with the crop sensor and not going with the 7dm2 or the 80d, I don't see the others as being much of an ...
  • Replied in Raw Question
    I very much appreciate all the comments.  I'm grasping now that there is somesort of metadata processing instructions in-printed with the raw.  I wonder if the editors that incorporate the ...
  • Replied in Raw Question
    Interesting and seems like a logical conclusion of why PS doesn't incorporate the feature but I can see where those who like the affect would want it.
  • Replied in Raw Question
    Thanks Karen.  This as my understanding too, however, this is why I was puzzled and the reason for the query, the arw files, not a jpg, are showing the in-camera styles effect with two raw editors ...
  • Replied in Raw Question
    Thanks Sabrina. I don't have RawTherapee so can't comment other then seeing the styles setting was shown in the editor. However, I do have On1 and while I'm not proficient at this stage with the ...
  • Replied in Raw Question
    Thanks Paige.  I wonder why PS ACR doesn't incorporate the ability or the choice to use or abandon this feature?
  • Created discussion thread Raw Question
    My solid and secure understanding of raw files has recently been compromised. I’m hoping some “Retoucher’s” can help me with my troubled comprehension. I thought raws were a straight data dump of ...
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