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He did go back and found her as an adult, and was able to take pictures of her grown up, along with her husband. She obviously had no idea her child's face was iconic. It is a powerful image !

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It doesn't make sense to me. One of the reason they're going with this business model is to prevent piracy, but since you can run the program without being connected the internet, up to 30 days for monthly subscriptions, and 99 days for yearly subscriptions, piracy will remain, just my 2 cents !?

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plastique2: It is really about time to change the term used in the English speaking photography community for the capability of a lense to let through more or less light. The term "speed" is absolutely misleading. We from non-english speaking countries have to endure the torture of reading photography related material translated from English by people who have no clue about photography.

This can look like this (my attempt to make an impression of what we actually have to read in our language - because someone translated literally something he didn't understand what it's about - but then who can blame them given the English text):

"This lens is very fast, although it isn't fast at all."

When we say in our language that a lens is fast, it always relates to it's ability to perform any kind of mechanical operation in a short time period. Yet when we wan't to address it's quality of light gathering, we use two words, the translation would be: "light power". Doesn't that make more sense?!

The choice of the term speed for a lens, is totally logical, but as some said, perhaps not language wise that obvious. But it refers to the fact that the wider the aperture, the faster it will be for the film and/or the sensor to receive the right amount of light to produce the image, hence the use of the word speed. A lens with an aperture of 1.0 is fast, because it will take a lot less time than a lens with an aperture of 5.6 to let the same amount of light through to the film and/or sensor, fast, slow, is speed.

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Funny, I liked the article, I've been thinking of a project of doing photos of my corner of the planet, as it is today. It would for sure be boring *today*, but I think it might have a value later, I like looking at street photography from another era, of an area that I know of today, seeing buildings that don't exist anymore, or other interesting facts ?

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I wonder why they don't or can't with CF cards?

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