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Wow. The Tamron does look good! But I will not rush out and sell my Nikon 14-24. The difference in sharpness at the edges at the less wider end is only noticeable when comparing like for like when pixel-peeping.
I guess anyone would be happy to have either.
For me, I would still go for the Nikon due it being an original Nikon lens (who knows what compatibility issues there may be with newer camera bodies), its smaller size, proven quality over many years (better build?) and resale value.
But if money was an issue and I desperately needed such a lens, it definitely is an option.

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I owned a D800 for 18 months but sold it because the focussing couldnt be trusted. I used it primarily with a Nikon 20-70mm f2.8 and had the combo calibrated by Nikon. This improved the performance significantly but still only managed to produce in-focus shots around 90% of the time. I do a lot of travel photography and the mis-focussing caused many once-in-a-lifetime shots to be spoiled.
I have many other Nikon lenses and the only way that I could guarantee a high level of focus accuracy was when I manual-focussed with AI lenses using the green-focussing dot as an initial guide - but with final focus confirmation by eyesight. This got very tiring - especially as I am not a teenager any more!
As I have so many Nikon lenses - around 12 - I need to get another Nikon body. I was eagarly waiting for the D810 and with the supposed improved AF, I really hope that this time Nikon have got their AF act together.
I really hope that the D810 is what the D800 should have been in the first place

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What I really want is focus peaking in live view. I have over ten AIs and Zeiss MF lenses and whilst the green dot is useful, it isnt as accurate as it needs to be. With 36megs you need to spot-on with focus. My poor 40 something year old eyes are not as good as they used to be and hitting focus is getting harder and harder :( .
I dont want to have to give up my manual focus gems such as the Nikkor 105 f2.5, Nikkor 50 f1.2, Zeiss 5o F1.7 Planar etc
I wonder if focus peaking can be added in firmware?

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beavertown: It will along with with NX Mini eat up Nikon 1's already eaten market totally.

What Nikon 1 needs to do is to close the 1 line.

The V3 sensor scored 52 is so embarrassing comparing to the RX100II scored 67 that beats the xhit out of the V3.

The worst thing may happen if Samsung NX Mini 1' sensor scores higher than the Nikon 1's.

Stop trolling!!! I don't want want to read your negative xhit no more. What do you want to achieve with all your bitching?

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sebiruns: As a m43user I like small cameras and this one certainly looks nice. But the pricing is just awful. Not just that they ask for 1200 Dollars but it will also fall in value blazingly fast, if it behaves like previous Nikon milc.
I could see past that. As a former Nikon DSLR user I would certainly give the system a try, but the lens offerings are still a joke. I know they are now selling a 32mm f1.2 for 900 Dollars. A lens anybody who buys the v3 should certainly invest in. But the zooms are nowhere near as fast as they should be to be usable. And I am not talking about subject isolation. I am talking about indoor photography in mediocre lighting (family photos). The ISO value will go through the roof with lenses so slow. Combine that with the small sensor and it is a non-starter. If they could just make a f2.0-f4.5 lens this would be less of a problem. For now, I will stay on the sidelines with the ONE system...

The 18.5 f1.8 and 30-110 are stellar. I have them both and am amazed each time I use them

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Luke Kaven: I think you are right when you say that this camera is not aimed so much at the American market, but weighted much more heavily towards the Chinese middle-class market, which is Nikon's biggest growth sector today.

A fair characterization of this camera might be as an upwardly mobile compact system camera, for educated middle-class consumers. Typically buyers might be a dual-income couple with no photographic training, but technical training. They would enjoy owning quality-made lifestyle accessories from a major brand.

I don't think this is a design for the American market. It would be nice to see an APS-c mirrorless from Nikon that could go the distance even with serious photographers.

Strangely - Canon is much bigger in China than Nikon

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Richard Murdey: On lenses:

The 32/1.2 is a oddity, its a cost-no-object lens for a sensor format that is deeply compromised. However if you are fully invested in Nikon 1 and insist on that level of compactness, it is a fantastic thing.

There's the cheap and perfectly serviceable 10 mm and 18.5 mm primes, various standard kit zooms, an extremely good 30-110 telephoto zoom, an ultrawide zoom, two superzooms, and now a, what, an ultra-tele-zoom?

Most of these lenses are absolutely tiny for their effective FOV, and most are very cheap as well. That's the promise of the CX format delivered: You can take an FX dSLR and one lens out of your bag, and stick a Nikon 1 camera, 3-4 lenses, mini tripod, flash, and wireless remote in the same space.

i have the 18.5 f1.8 lens. It is extremely sharp and produces nice bokeh. No way can you compare this to a kit lens.
The 30-110 is also an extremely good lens.
Have you actually tried these two lenses?

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On article Nikon 1 V3: a quick summary (596 comments in total)

Lordy lord! There are a lot of trolls out today! The camera looks great and is extremely-well sensor, fast focusing, touch-screen, wifi, articulating LCD, EVF, new lenses......... WOW
Those of us who are keeping up with technology will know that the IQ/sensor size ratio is improving with each generation. The V1 had pretty good IQ that is good enough for most "consumers". It certainly could print 16x24" size prints without any problem. This new sensor will certainly be an improvement on the V2's.
The styling is many many notches above the V2. If the materials and surface finishes matches the high-level of styling then we're talking about a premium product.
There's a good lens choice from regular speed to fast lenses that are small and good to excellent optical-quality.
The price is a little high for me now but i hope this will come down over time. I'm keeping my eye on this one for sure.

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Don't mind the shape but it does seem too long overall. Whether i will buy this or not depends on the price. Im sure the IQ will be wonderful. All the better if it has improved processing time and battery life. I have the DP1m and DP2m. Was going to buy the DP3m until this came along and has made me have a rethink.
may still get the DP3m to make up the set as, from past experience, im sure Sigma will price this high for at least the next 6 months - one year.

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this lens looks superb. Isnt made by voightlander (Cosina) by any chance is it?

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love the design.......but would have liked more pixels. 16megs doesnt cut it any more

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nice composition but the butterflies are not sharp :(

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Richard Schumer: Many of us need some background on the company's history and its names.

IIRC, after Germany was divided after WWII, part of Carl Zeiss AG was located in Soviet-occupied areas, while other factories were in the "free" zone.

Inevitably, there was a trademark battle and the West German Zeiss operations were called Zeiss IKON while the East German products used the Carl Zeiss label. Reunification brought both trademarks to the company, although, frankly, the Carl Zeiss brand was damaged by variable quality and seen by some (me) as being inferior in design and/or assembly to the West German products.

ZEISS (all caps, no IKON or Carl) will, I expect, solve the branding problem for the future.

I think the rise of the asian market has something to do with it. No-one in East Asia can pronounce CARL. It's simple as this.

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kindofblue7: I'm just happy that the Pentax name and product line will live on. Otherwise, the name change is just official recognition of what has been the case since Ricoh acquired Pentax.

Good to hear that the brand will remain and I hope Ricoh brings the brand back to the forefront of photography where it once stood toe to toe with the big boys. It was a true great in the past with the K-mount at one time the most popular lens mount. From the classic medium-format 645 and 67, the beautiful LX, the auto 110,the iconic K1000 to the current medium format DSLR, K series DLRs and the tiny Q shows that the brand did and still has real depth to it. It didnt always work as with the K1 but Pentax does bring a breath of fresh air to the market from time to time. I hope Pentax continues to exisit and thrive!

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where are they made? Germany? Japan? Should be at least Japan right?

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just need a good set of high-quality screw on lens adaptors to make it 24mm, 50mm and 75mm equivalents. Then i will buy for sure

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Does this have weather-sealing?

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