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  • Galaxy negotiations. Navigation check list. Young Jedi training...hard at it. Check point Charlie all clear. Heights....challenging for this little short wheel base model. Gold Lion.
  • Young Jedi....keeping the galaxy safe for future generations.  Got bunny legs?....lot's of growing into these thumpers to come. Testing the white socks on the safe green landing strip If we ...
  • The introduction with young George to Kobi is going slowly but well.  Kobi has accepted him but is quite the alpha Napoleon after being the master of home for quite some time now.  A lot of fun ...
  • Apologies all, we haven't posted in a while due to knowing that we have a new little Cooney arriving! It started with...let's get rid of the carpet and put floor tiles throughout the home before ...
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    I asked for my slippers like half an hour ago... The grass is always greener...when you're not wearing pants.
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    More Jedi training...nose up..rotation... Not all landings are pretty...but I'll mark this as a win. Working on the appetite before dinner... Not all of our meetings go to plan... Walking out on ...
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    Happy Sunday beautiful peoplz.... Morning patrol check point Bravo...all clear.... Saving the galaxy doesn't mean cold's in my contract... Saturday afternoon and some tunes...getting my ...
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    Bring on the table tennis balls and pipe cleaners, she looks quite the little darling. Exciting times Shirley, looking forward to seeing these two keeping each other entertained.
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    Plugged in and charging... It's ok he's a traitor from the First Order that's recently joined the resistance. I call him Trevor, he's a lot of work....forceful work... Disco is not can ...
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    Jedi training rudder control check. Blowing out the cobwebs. Highly tuned. ....if there's food involved. White Russians with 'the dude'. They peed on his rug, it really tied the room together (The ...
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    Little man big heart My very best David Lee Roth Getting some air before lunch Shadow boxer Hanging out the washing Swish...
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    Getting some air before dinner Plotting my revenge on the Vet.....they stick a thermometer up my clacker and to compensate give me a 70's scarfe....just a teeth low level cleanup and bloods....all ...
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    I'm being tailed... ...waking up and not remembering last night, we've all been here. HR are aware and monitoring closely... Happy Sunday People....
  • Using the force... Surrounded...need wookie backup fast. Jedi training... Willy Wagtail dive bombers.... Fighting the storm
  • Looks like a purrrrrfect afternoon...sending you all head bunts and slow blinks.
  • Kobi Koala tryouts.....this is the 3rd tree my slaves have planted here since I can remember......I dig this gardening gig... Grass Seeds People....In MY TAIL PEOPLZ! My slaves new 300mm F4 is the ...
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    Supervising the slaves....sometimes I accomplish absolutely nothing...silly peoplz. Getting hungry now....everything is now about food. Hungry tail peoplz. Do not put my food bowl in the 'wet ...
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    BB8 Training Plugged in and charging...
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    Bad dreams
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    Happy Sunday people! Only a couple of Kobi this week, the rest are his family from the same wonderful breeder here in South Australia whom was showing earlier today. Kobi's now 7.1KG at 14 months, ...
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