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trainingpants: New tech is always exciting but a couple drawbacks:

1. you still have to undergo the worst part with either method: drinking nearly a gallon of that nasty liquid to clear your bowels so the camera can get a good view of the colon wall.

2. if a polyp is found, the gastroenterologist still has to remove it, usually with the same instrument used for the exam, an endoscope with an attachment that removes the polyp. Might as well do it all at the same time instead of having to drink the vile bowel-clearing liquid again for a follow-up procedure.

There are risks from general anasthesia, which is standard for a colonoscopy (and expensive) but you sleep through the whole thing. The worst part is the prep; the liquid you have to drink.

"The worst part is the prep; the liquid you have to drink.”

"The worst part is if you don’t wake up from the anesthesia!"

No, the worst part is being opened up for a routine check, sewn up and sent home to die with copious amounts of Morphine!
........My father-in-law who suffered from piles and never noticed the level 4 colon cancer which killed him three months later at the age of 65

Don't worry about how disgusting the drink is that clears out your bowel.
Don't think about having to starve for a day or so before your "cleansing".
Don't worry about sedation, just have gas & air which is all that's required.
Don't worry about the staff probing your nether regions, they do it every day!

JUST DO IT!..... and be pleased to add to your days on Earth.

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Peter 1745: I've had 3 colonoscopies, all done without any sedation or strong analgesia (my choice) and I can say that the bowel preparation beforehand was infinitely worse then the procedure.

If I have to take the bowel prep, I would want to have a colonoscopy, where lesions are easier to see (due to the inflation of the bowel with CO2) and can be biopsied, rather than the camera pill where lesions could be missed and an abnormal finding would require a subsequent colonoscopy with further bowel prep.

Screening with the camera pill will prevent the need for colonoscopies in some people but will actually increase the number of times bowel prep is required.

Perhaps it is time to buy shares in the bowel prep manufactures.

Had three colonoscopies in the UK using only as done in pregnancy "gas and air"
No problems at all as you breathe the gas in deeply only when feeling a little pain which is evident when the camera turns round each of the three bends in the colon! It's actually more uncomfortable than painful.
Any polyps found are snipped off there and then "painlessly!" and sent off for examination.
After waiting half an hour, you are released for a cup of tea and toast, then another 30 minutes later you can go if no after effects.
P.S. You do tend to pass quite a lot of wind during and after the process but nothing they haven't seen before!

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brycesteiner: But is it full frame sensor? Otherwise, we know there would be too much noise in the images to tell anything according to DPreview forums.

Full Monty more like.

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On photo SPACE SHUTTLE DISCOVERY in the At The Transport Museum challenge (8 comments in total)

Wow, lovely shot but what did you do with all the visitors as last time I was there you couldn't move for iPhones, iPads etc being thrust skyward for the inevitable selfie.

They were making a better effort than the Wright brothers at becoming airborne!

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On article DPReview TV: We re-created bad product photography (77 comments in total)
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APenza: I like the open arms photo best as it’s perfect to warn the kiddies or those over 40 on the choking hazards when playing with marbles.


Contents 102 Pcs + 19 Glass Marbles + the one Chris is choking on.

Where's Jordan when you need him?

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On article DPReview TV: We re-created bad product photography (77 comments in total)
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Boomanbb: Bring on the tacky old toys! I am so glad I’m old enough to have lived dangerously. Lawn Darts, BB guns and .22 rifles unsupervised, chemistry sets with dangerous chemicals for Christmas, Erector sets with sharp edges, pocket knives, and staying out all day miles from home on bicycles with no adults in sight.

The sweet smell of stop bath in the darkroom.

Instagram, tik tok, Facebook and kids stuck on computers is just sad.

@Welsh, I never forget when out with friends as a kid and putting a UK squib (US small banger/ firecracker I think.) in a bottle, capping it and running away. Nothing happened so being first/brave/stupid enough to go back and try again, I opened the bottle, BANG and spent two hours in A&E having gunpowder and glass picked out of my eyeballs with a fine needle.
It actually makes you puke/barf/whatever every time the needle goes in!

I was lucky not to lose my sight and never let my children or grandchildren forget about it.

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M Lammerse: I made a silly comment of cat pics earlier on, sorry 'bout that.
But how about some good toilet paper images?

Sorry M Lammerse, but it was a UK newspaper item so no pics but it was actually a thinly disguised comment on the actual women...…….. cat fight. ;)

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kristian2000: At least Belvedere will be fine - dogs are immune from covid-19.

Maybe dogs will end up ruling the world after all this is over, I don't think they could screw it up any worse.

In order for dogs to rule the world, they will first have to evolve fingers as how else will they use bags to pick up their doggie poo.

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M Lammerse: I made a silly comment of cat pics earlier on, sorry 'bout that.
But how about some good toilet paper images?

Noticed some women fighting over toilet rolls in the supermarket so would that count?

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telefunk: What amazes me is that for a catastrophic issue such as global warming no urgent action is taken, but for a serious flue the world has stopped nearly all industry. Where are our priorities?
In the meantime our planet gets a breather

When the world comes close in 30/50/100 years time we will probably take notice and attempt a cure.

………" At the precipice we change."

No point in saving the planet if the population are all dead, however......

………….."If the Earth dies, you die. If you die, the Earth survives."

Presently self-isolating as my wife has flu but we have been told to stay off work for 14 days so nine days to go!
Strange that we now mention flu with "ONLY NORMAL FLU" rather than Covid19!

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"Every previous version of the X100 has included a series of small but significant improvements , ##they##(that) haven't necessarily been compelling enough to prompt version-to-version upgrading, but each has been better than the last."

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Oh well, I suppose we'll just have to wait for the D7600 now!

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On article Canon PowerShot G5 X Mark II review (270 comments in total)

"Thanks to a pop-up electronic viewfinder and higher-quality lens, Canon's G5 X Mark II is a tempting step up from the already-good G7 X Mark III if you don't (NEED) that camera's specialist vlogging (FEEATURES?)."

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rjaywallace: I found it very hard to understand Scott’s mumbled dialect. Turned off the video after the first few moments.

I found it an interesting little video about food photography techniques and if you have problems with British English as was very nicely pointed out by Leandros S then turn on the subtitles.
For what it's worth, I found his speech very clear indeed so perhaps you should check out your speakers.
I live in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom where even I wonder if some of my fellow residents speak the same language!

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LoneTree1: When I was 15, I drove home on a bus with a rifle I'd just bought. Part of it was wrapped in some paper but most was visible. No one bothered me. If I did that today...

Wow, do you mean in the US it's legal to walk around with a BB gun as well as a handgun.
Meanwhile here on the other side of the pond, a man dressed in battle fatigues hiding in a bush on a roundabout and firing what turned out to be an air rifle at cars and passers by and then the police, was tasered after the armed response unit was stood down!

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On article Best DSLR cameras in 2021 (464 comments in total)
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UllerellU: Dpreview is an advertising site by Amazon, understand that and you will understand many articles. That does not mean that good professionals do not work here and that there are no articles and analyzes of interest, there are. You just have to know how to separate the wheat from the straw. Right now the focus is on mirrorless, in a short time it will focus on Smartphone, DSLR is stopped by the companies, there is no investment in new technologies, when mirrorless stop will do the same and present the best mirrorless of the market and their alternatives in cameras of smarphones ... Amazon detects a market that ends and focuses on the next. With this I do not mean that DSLR is dead, for me it is not dead nor the film while we continue using it, it is dead for the market. I always say the same thing, take a camera of 7 years and go out to shoot, you do not need anything that did not exist 7 years ago to make spectacular shots.

"Dpreview is an advertising site by Amazon, understand that and you will understand many articles."

I do not however understand why they keep advertising East Dane and Shop Bop clothing retail sites on a photography website! I'm certainly not dreaming of purchasing some ladies fashions while checking out the latest Nikon.
It's been going on for more than five months but before that at least it was Sony advertising.

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Sir 7: My takeaway from this is that Amazon must have forgotten to pay DPR for links to these items at amazon.com. Lol. :D

Amazon only advertise Shopbop and East Dane fashion on Digital Photography Review for some strange reason!

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steelhead3: I don't remember other camera's sales being camera news...what is going on.

Quite agree the Nikon information is not really advertising as the links are for Adorama and B&H which are not Amazon companies.
The Shopbop and East Dane fashion ads certainly are and have been on the home page unchanged for the last three months.

Before that at least we had Sony ads.

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"Facebook users can grant third-party apps permission to access images they've shared on the platform,"

WOW, I just got to get me Facebook ;)

My Windows 10 computer won't allow me to access and change MY OWN PHOTOS on Adobe Photoshop Essentials 6 unless I turn off the Ransomware Protection in Windows security!!

Doesn't seem to matter how often I tell it to accept the program, it just locks it out.
...…………… on second thoughts, perhaps not.

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On article Canon EOS M50 Review (1250 comments in total)

Any chance you could get that lassie in the video another drink?

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