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I'm one of the (volunteer) organizers of the international Wiki Loves Monuments photography competition.


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Andrew D Brierley: I would love to contribute to this, got all excited about having an assignment only to find that for some reason they don't want anything from Australia??

Hey Andrew,

we're sorry that you're not able to participate with photos of Australian monuments. Unfortunately we weren't able to set up an organizing team this year in Australia. It seems that maybe next year they are more successful at that.

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Randello: I too would have liked to have participated but the U.K. is not a participating country!! Does anyone know why this is, maybe DPR could find out?

Hi Randello,

Unfortunately the UK doesn't participate because they were unable to find a volunteer who was willing to take the lead in the organization.

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OneGuy: I'd love "Mr. Wiki Leaks" to leave the protection of the foreign embassy and make himself available to formal scrutiny.

Theft is accountable: photos, docs, private files. Money, too. Until then, screw Wiki.

Hi OneGuy,

Just for the record: 'WikiLeaks' is not related at all in any way with Wikipedia, Wikimedia or Wiki Loves Monuments. While the name may have similarities, the organizations and people are totally different. Wikimedia is best known from the online encyclopedia: Wikipedia.

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D1N0: I had great fun seeking out missing monuments in my city in 2010 and 2011. Sadly, all monuments are accounted for now. I'll have to move.

There is unfortunately quite a lot of uncovered terrain in Friesland. Maybe an idea for a weekend trip?

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Camediadude: Count me in!

Greg: you can upload images from whenever you made them. It doesn't matter when you made the photo or where you live - as long as /you/ are the author.
Lodewijk (Wiki Loves Monuments organizer)

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Harlz: Australia isn't on the list, awwww... looks like fun for those involved!

You can also participate with photos you may have made when you were on vacation in a country that does participate. If you visited Paris, feel free to upload that great photo of the Eiffel tower through www.wikilovesmonuments.fr !

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Joshua Chung: Hong Kong is not in the list???

Unfortunately we can only organize the contest in countries where volunteers want to organize it. In Hong Kong the Wikimedia volunteers are already very busy with organizing the Wikimania conference of 2013.

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BJL: Great idea and I love Wikipedia and am interested in offering some photos, but having an Android app but no iOS app is shooting themselves in the foot for the sake of political correctness.

Hi, an iPhone app is also available: http://itunes.apple.com/en/app/123poi/id504532912 . Different app though.
Look forward to uploads! (WLM organizer)

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