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dbo: Leica is is also kind of philosophy.

People nagging and complaining about those masterpieces are just prooving enviousness. Either because they can't effort a Leica or just because they're too poor in skill to apprehend what its made for.

For those who desire to own a Leica, and are short of money - well then, Leica have some bridge and compact cameras in their line-up. But be warned, they're expensive, too.

The Leica R series was no more philosophical than a Canon or Nikon.

The M series survives because dispensing with the reflex mirror allows short focal length lenses to have back elements very close to the film/sensor plane. That is a good compromise for certain types of photography. Not a philosophy.

In the next few years high definition electronic view finders will surpass optical view finders (i.e. their angular resolution will be as good as your eye, or the primary sensor, and the advantages of using the primary optics will then dominate).

Before then Leica need to solve the problems of tight angles of incidence on digital sensors, and then replace or reposition the M to be the best in class electronic viewfinder camera capable of getting the best out of the existing M series lenses, and having its own new lens series optimised for the new situation. And improve body build quality.

I doubt that Leica can do this. Perhaps they should sell themselves to Apple.

Link | Posted on May 14, 2012 at 11:18 UTC
On article Leica M-Monochrom Hands-on Preview (451 comments in total)
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Amnon G: Seems to me like it would make sense to have the LCD super hi-res (e.g. 921,000 pixels) without color filters. It would make it match the sensor and give superior brightness and reviewing ability, losing color only in the menu system which seems a great compromise to make for the benefits.
Having a crappy screen on this camera is inexcusable. Not the right place to save a few $$ and definitely doesn't serve potential customers.

Ixstorm, you should try using an M body with a lens on, rather than just handing the body, before you make disparaging comments to pedromeyer.

Or maybe just try thinking.

Then you would discover / remember that you can't use the wonderful _OPTICAL_ viewfinder to inspect the photographs _AFTER_ you have taken them.

Maybe you should also try using an iPhone. Then you would discover that its not just a much better as a camera, than any M series is as a phone, but its also much better for reviewing the photographs that it has taken, then the M series is.

And if you weren't such an Apple hating bigot then you might go on to discover that the new iPad with a 2048x1536 screen and RAW format processing built in, is the best mobile extension to an M8/M9 available.

Leica lenses are beautifully built and my Leica M6 is beautifully built, but the build quality of my MacBook pro and iPhone 4 makes my M8 look cheap and nasty. Seriously.

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