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Commercial photographic printing, b/w and color upto giant exhibition sizes. Photography, from weddings, press to studio and PR work. Computer graphics since 91, including DTP, multimedia with sound and 3D illustration. Used Photoshop since version 1.7. Now retired and do it for fun only.


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Thoughts R Us: it used to be that if you wanted to take a photo, you had to buy a dedicated camera. Now you don't. That is a huge change. Most people want to take photos but want it to be quick, easy, painless.

Beginning with the iPhone, the smartphone revolution has changed everything. Think of how many single use devices we no longer need to buy: phone, answering machine, radio, music player (cassette, cd, etc), clock, calculator, gps, camera, video camera, portable game system, even a personal computer if we don't want one, because the smartphone is a pocket computer.

The camera is yet another casualty of the smartphone.

Now the only people who will buy dedicated cameras are not those who want to take photos, but those who want more from the experience: more IQ, lens variety, extreme telephoto work, and just the joy of using a "real" camera.

Where's the 'joy' of 'real' photography if you are unable to see an enlargement of your image which you won't on a smartphone or the web. People don't print these days, because it's pretty expensive to get good printing.

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Print media is dying. The question I ask is where do all these 'photographers' display their images? On the net, on FB, or just on the original device itself- why does anyone need a fancy SLR when all you need is a cheap point and shoot or as it seems a smart phone. I wonder how many people actually print their photos these days?

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On article This is the first ever photograph of a black hole (634 comments in total)

I don't trust so called 'scientists'- what's the agenda here I ask. Climate 'change' or 'global warming'...maybe some fake 'space' mission.

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I think the SD card should be 'locked' and have to be sent away to a special lab to have the contents released and written to a disc... just to fully simulate the 'film' experience.

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JPatrick: Leica seems to be counting on older photographers with prior film camera experience for their sales. Younger photographers are not going to have the same nostalgic feelings toward film cameras since so few have used them. Also they're less likely to shell out the cash for one. Just wondering where all this is headed for Leica.

Lol! 'Older' photographers who used film won't be looking at this pointless gimmick. Next thing we'll be loading the SD card via an awkward cage that fits into the base of the camera.... after a couple of minutes fiddling to get the card into position.

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Fergus Ferguson: I REALLY don't want to be standing on a London subway station at peak hour with an $8,000 camera in one hand, and my $1,000 ifone in the other while I check my exposure. Actually, that goes for just about anywhere in nearly any big city.

London was pretty safe in the 60s- a lovely place to walk about.

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ILoveAsianGirls: Welcome to the absolute worst camera ever.

What's the point- a 'film like' experience? Lol! Look at the price. I spent 40 years shooting with film... 10 x 8 sheet film down, and those days are gone. Digital is great and so versatile.

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AlanG: Just confirms what we've always known. Ektachrome is great and digital has no chance to make inroads in the photography market.

Film in reality is a pointless gimmick lost on the viewer- no one cares, it's the image content that matters.

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beavertown: Film SLR is dead like DSLR. Sad.

The only problem with 'photography' these days is that everyman and his dog has some sort of a 'camera'. When I started we were still using 6x8 film and glass plates in some press darkrooms... I think the thing that has really 'died' is the print. Todays run of the mill 'amateur' level camera are far more capable than the old 35mm cameras and some 120 format.

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Tom_A: What many of the comments focusing on resolution vs a d850 etc neglect, and wehat is in fact neglected as well in the overly colourful sample photos, is that film can have a deliciously subtle rendering that is mot evident to replicate in-camera with digital (though one of the film modes in my xt2 comes close).

Attached is a holiday picture from a few years ago, shot on a mechanical 645 fuji. Barely any processing after scanning if I remember well.
I like the subtlety of the colours.

It's all in the mind.

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km25: I would like to know what camera and lens were used?

Who cares. Film is dead.

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On article Lightroom CC 2.0: What's new, and where is it headed? (375 comments in total)
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JanMatthys: What's new? Gimmicky stuff which bogs down the system.
Where is it headed? higher monthly prices.

Photoshop Vs 3 was quite sufficient- you could do most things and it had layers.

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On article Lightroom CC 2.0: What's new, and where is it headed? (375 comments in total)
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String: Wow, another Adobe article filled with comments from people who never used it, never will use it yet are still compelled to tell everyone else how much of a rip of it is.

I use the Photoshop and LR package and don't think its a rip off, however I don't especially want to be paying more. I've used PS since Vs 1.7 but if the price rises much more I'll look at something else and I reckon many others will also.

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On article Lightroom CC 2.0: What's new, and where is it headed? (375 comments in total)

None of my 'photography' is of any great importance, however I don't want any of it on the so called 'cloud'. Put simply, if Adobe scrap 'classic' I'll scrap Adobe. I'm not inclined to trust this 'cloud'.

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Nikonese: Hey DPReview, could you run a survey on the age group of the people who comment here? would be interesting to see if the complaints come from an older demographic or not. This is not a criticism, just curios to know the stats. Thanks.

I'm 73 and hate 'smart phones', I prefer 'proper' cameras. Realise the iPhone was originally a collaboration between Apple and the so called 'CIA'.

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blink667: You can buy a better camera for less, and Apple has historically always been a ripoff and an exploiter of human labor.

Too true, plus the smart phone is really a device to spy on people and part excuse for the upcoming 5G...

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joaquin100: This will have an impact on pocketable cameras, the gap in IQ is getting smaller and smaller; both are improving but at some point some PPL will be totally satisfied with the smart phones cam. This millions of PPL dont print and they used to buy cameras for holidays..(my fam. are in holidays abroad only with smartphones and a bunch of cams are sitting here on my shelf, is that bad, i dont ask them to carry a D810 but not even a Nex was small enough.)

I suppose it will have an impact on pocketables, but I think 'photographers' will still prefer the manual control that comes with a good compact. The small cameras like the Sony DX100 and Fuji XQ still go in your pocket easily and produce superior results to smart phones although in certain situations they still don't replace a Nikon for speed of use. There are looming 'problems' with 'smart' phones like the threatened 5G- lets hope camera manufacturers don't fall into the trap of adding phone facilities on cameras.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VI: Video overview (128 comments in total)

The thing with this compact is the lens quality and the pocketability- you also need a small pouch to stop dust getting in the lens system... The original RX100 is still available from amazon at £320 ish which is the price I got mine a couple of years ago. I gave up carting Nikons about a few years ago- the best camera is the one you have on you, not one stuck in a cupboard. Another thing is the end usage...where are your images going to end up- not printed to 12 x 10 I'll bet.

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Martin_Kay: Gimp...appears to have the tools but general file management I found to be totally unintuitive (read, impossible), so I'll stick to the old and trusted apps. You shouldn't need to have to read a manual for this stuff.

I'm talking about re-sizing/re-sampling images, something so easy in PS but a total mess in Gimp unless there was some kind of a bug present... Anyway I've returned to using PS and LRoom. I doubt Gimp is as old as PS which I've used since Vs 1.7

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Gimp...appears to have the tools but general file management I found to be totally unintuitive (read, impossible), so I'll stick to the old and trusted apps. You shouldn't need to have to read a manual for this stuff.

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