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sh10453: Too lazy to search and, if possible, find out how much money Leica is making just for selling their own cameras and lenses, if any, not what Panasonic and Huawie is buying from them.
So I can't comment other than say an investor would not be selling if they were happy with profits.

Reading your comments and many other here, I amazed at how ignorant people are of how business work with investors, they buy to make a profit on the investment not the return, if figs ever come out I would say they have Blackstones will make a very nice profit on investment and that would of been there aim.
I'm not a Leica user Sony A7r2 but if I ever won lotto I would have a M 10

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Edmond Leung: CIPA data reflects why Canon and Nikon are the biggest companies in the camera market; while those mirrorless cameras companies are small.
As an inverter, I will invest in the companies with high margin and high return. Why invest money in those low margin mirrorless cameras companies???

You talk a load of rubbish mate

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Tom Caldwell: In the end it is not size, nor is it present sales statistics. The dslr will become "unfashionable". Not tomorrow, not the next day. But it will happen quite suddenly when it does.

Meanwhile please keep buying dslr bodies, I would hate to see things change due to fashion rather than capability.

It's not a matter of fashion, but after shooting mirrorless I couldn't go back to DSLRs,
Using a EVF is so much easier than the Optical viewfinder
And I wonder if people like you have ever try mirrorless for a reasonable amount of time.

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Jefftan: I am not trying to be a troll, but ask a serious question
Why should people buy either one and not A6300 which is $600 or $700 cheaper

if u answer lens, I disagree. There are many lens option on Sony side
seriously, why?

Why would you buy a Sony 6300, I ask you, I had Sony A7 ii while a good camera never liked the Souny system, sold it along with 16 35, 55 1.8 and 70 200.
Now useing two XE2 till XT2 come out.
I am very happy not having Sony. Fuji system os controls and results of photos make the difference .
So I ask who would want Sony 6300 ? Not many reading this article.

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On article Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G1 X samples gallery (425 comments in total)

While they look OK I still feel the Fuji X10 has much better colours, and much better camera

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On photo Tree reflection in lake in the Extraordinary WIDE depth of field challenge (2 comments in total)

Great Photo love the composition and the old willow with reflection

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