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Valiant Thor: If it was a Canon camera, the plane would have crashed.

@Francis Sawyer of the grammar Police.

If you are going to fail, do it spectacularly. :-)

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On article Rare Nikon 1200mm F11 pops up on eBay (120 comments in total)

Wait until the seller discovers that PayPal will simply place his funds in pending, for no particular reason other than to make some interest. He will regret using ebay. :-)

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I am even seeing the reputable grey/gray/parallel market dealers removing the D750 from their websites.

For me, I am pretty impressed with Nikon's stance in all of this.

Remember the original iPhone 4? Jobs' fix was to give us a free case. :-)

I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on a D750.

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iShootWideOpen: You guys need to put this camera in capable hands to get a good impression. These snaps make the camera look bad.

I am with Samuel, there are a load of DPR members who should have been banned years ago. Arrogance and personal attacks, no matter how they are veiled should be reason enough to ban somebody. At the very least, their comments should be deleted and a warning issued. Sweeping statements designed to insult and done so with an implied elitism, are not helpful to anybody.

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On article Fujifilm X-T1 real-world samples gallery (185 comments in total)
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Andrew ATM216: When I saw these pictures, my mouth dropped in disbelief of the kind of pictures that were taken. The strength of the fujifilm cameras is the great ooc jpegs....on the other hand, most of these pictures (or at least the first 20 pictures) are of buildings and rocks, etc). How does that convey the strength of the camera???? Where are the pictures of people so we could see the SKIN TONE?

So, yeah, I wholeheartedly agree that these pictures are a dis-service to the capability of this highly praised camera...and if I were to make my decision of getting this camera based on these photos, I would definitely say, nooo waaay....

The same quality pictures could have been taken with a phone, really why would I spend 2 grand for??? In other words, these pictures do not convey or demonstrate the strength of the camera at all...

These (LOUSY) pictures are being posted as samples for thousands of people to show how capable the xt1!!! What a shame....


I am due a phone upgrade. I want that phone you refer to!

This post is indicative of how these forums have declined over the years.

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