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OntarioPhotog: The Nikon D4s should have been included, same with the Canon EOS 1DX. My D4 gets quite a workout for wildlife usage, the fast frame rate and low level light performance are both critical. My D810 is used for stationary shots in normal lighting. I understand that photojournalism and sport photography are prime markets, but so is wildlife.

As a wildlife photographer, I push the limits of all the technology, right from cameras and lens to tripods and backpacks.

The timing of this list implies a gift buying guide. While I'd certainly accept a 1DX as a present, I doubt there's much of a market there.

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mike concannon: I'l continue waiting for the D400
Until then.. My D300 does everything that I need it to do.

So when the D400 comes out, your D300 will stop doing everything that you need it to do?

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(unknown member): Just one question to those of you looking forward to more small 4k gadgets: What do you need this resolution for?

Why not?

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Any guess if a similar update is coming for the 6D? My third party batteries already don't show charge level, so that doesn't matter!

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absentaneous: I don't see where is the big news. if I am not wrong iPhone is actually a 5Mpix camera right? well, back in 2000 professional photographers were using digital cameras with less than 3Mpix to take pictures for press. that's 13 years ago. so, what's the big news again?

Close, 3GS = 3MP
4 = 5MP
4S and 5 = 8MP

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On photo Tuborg, we have a problem .... in the T is for Tilted challenge (3 comments in total)

The word "precarious" was created for situations such as this.

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On article Scientists demonstrate 'paint-on' batteries (108 comments in total)
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larrytusaz: I'm sorry I don't buy it. You will *never* convince me that you MUST have non-replaceable batteries for a product to have decent battery life & structural integrity. Can you imagine cars being done this way?

It is unethical business-wise to design products to where customers can't replace the battery themselves. I agree with the one person, this is just blatant "sheep" following of everything Apple does only because they're Apple. God I'm so sick of it. What next, are we all going to start wearing turtleneck sweaters too?

If you the manufacturer can't figure out how to give your product structural integrity with replaceable batteries--tough. Figure it out.

In fact the US should do like I'm told Europe does, if I'm correct by law they REQUIRE user-replaceable batteries. It should be that way here too.

You can replace the battery on your iDevice. It's not pleasant, but you can do it!

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thinkfat: I like that he tested a whole batch. Gives a good idea about the sample spread. Very interesting for us customers for what to expect when we buy our own copy.

Except that as he said, they were all close in serial number. Copies made on another day by someone else may vary. Or not, who knows...

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On photo Japanese garden in Germany in the Tilt-Shift challenge (7 comments in total)
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animal900: Gastank? Not a waterslide?

Sorry, FROM a gastank. Got it.

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On photo Japanese garden in Germany in the Tilt-Shift challenge (7 comments in total)

Gastank? Not a waterslide?

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On photo the_unboxing_room in the First shot... challenge (4 comments in total)

Where is the box for the new Olympus???

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On photo Coffee in the Clean (Capture date and size rule) Please read all... challenge (8 comments in total)
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Peter Galbavy: I like it, and I don't want to sound like I am taking the p*** but the handle of the cup is ever so so slightly non-horizontal (anti-clockwise) which after all the conditioning I have tried forcing myself into for horizons just jumped out at me.

Great, now I see it too

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On article Sony announces NEX-FS700 '4k-ready' E-mount camcorder (237 comments in total)

Will it have smile detection?

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On photo FRANK ANDIVER - PONTE DEL DIAVOLO in the Drivin' that Train... challenge (15 comments in total)

I rarely comment on anything here, but I logged in just to say that this is one of the nicest shots I've ever seen. Well done!

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