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Okapi001: The fact that you didn't include such classic gems as Olympus OM-1 and/or OM-2 means your list is just meh.

OM-1, OM-2 and even OM-4 are fairly affordable. If you want collectible, try to find a mint OM-3T. I still have a plain OM-3 (with a 90/f2 and 50/f1.4) and I'm hoping to be rich one day :) Still have a stash of film in the freezer. While I know a histogram does more than the multi-spot meter, I learned all about exposure with my OM-3 and OM-4Ti and it just feels so right.

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Infared: I am heavily into MFT (and FF)...but these lenses are exciting. If Fuji brings on a fast-focusing X-E2 soon.....and the lenses keep growing like this I could sell off all of my MFT gear as the Fuji Sensor is quite tempting. Now we have Zeiss AF.....hmmmmmmmm.....
Can't wait to read some reviews of these new lenses.

Yes, I'm feeling the same way. It's interesting times: on the one hand, the new E-P5 is probably the most desirable camera in the whole µ43 range since the original E-P1 (the E-P2 was good, too, with the addition of the viewfinder, but the E-P3 was a very minor update and the E-M5's horrible prism hump is completely incompatible with the notion of small camera in my eyes). On the other hand, the Fuji system became truly interesting with the X-E1 and these extra lenses make it even more likeable. I have no particular need for ultra wides, but more choice is always healthy in a camera system.

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Whether it makes sense or not, it's unavoidable that electronics will scale down to a size where it becomes much more easy to fit it all into a (fairly thick) back for a film SLR. Seen the fact that Leica with the M9 has conquered the technical problem of allowing the use of wide angles with sharp angles of light on the sensor, the question then becomes if it would make economic sense to build and sell a back with a sensor.

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"Gadgets" ? "Toys" ?

Just kidding of course. I'm actually looking forward to having a camera that helps me in publishing content. There will be quite a bit of work to make it both easy as well as capable (I don't want to publish everything and the ones I do want to publish might need certain quick tweaks before they go online). But there's a lot of potential in the idea.

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Fantastic ! The expressions are just great. This photo also shows that you really don't need a full frame DSLR to get portraits right. Great work !

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