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Deleted pending purge: How long will it take for manufacturers to comprehend the proper watertighting principle? Why they absolutely refuse to apply age-proven O-ring system and quit selling those "maximum 60 minutes water resistance" hogwash? It's as if they want their cameras to flood and force users into buying another one! Dumb flimsy aprons and thin rubber stretches over electrical contacts are unreliable to the extreme. All they have to do is use o-rings on a maximum of three (3!) places: between two halves of the casing, on the one and only battery/contacts/memory card hatch cover, and eventually on the base of interchangeable lenses. All commands can be aranged with absolutely no other opening through the casing, by means of internally placed reed switches and corresponding outside magnets... This has been used for decades, and yet the industry seems to work like "we don't want it good, we want it by next Thursday". Poor show.

I'm in the market for a replacement for my Olympus 850SW and chose the TS3 for a replacement, waiting for $ to go down , when I saw TS4. Very upset that Olympus no longer services mine, but seems like the TS3 or 4 will produce much better quality photos from my kayak. How happy are you with the TS3? Should I fork it out for the TS4?

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