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I had the same trouble with the download file as others - had to rename the file to change the last three characters from (1) to .exe. Then it worked fine and installed in my applications correctly.
Edit - oh, also the discount code mu-43 worked!

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Peiasdf: Couldn't Panasonic m4/3 users simply use a FL-600R on their camera? Wouldn't work?

I needed a flash for my new Panasonic G5 and had read about the upcoming Panasonic FL360L but it wouldn't be released in time - so I bought the Olympus FL600r. Everything works perfectly - although my G5 doesn't have wireless flash capabilities built into it so that part isn't implemented. I am thinking I'll end up with a GH3 as well next year, so I'll be set. I didn't want to buy one of the older Panasonic flashes - it was obvious that this new Panasonic/Olympus flash is the direction they are going and I thought it would work well. It does, and with 4 batteries, the recharge time is pretty good.

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