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SRHEdD: Why all so serious? I've been a working pro and university instructor for over 20 years. This camera would be GREAT to take to my 8-year old son's local football games! I'm not threatened by using a small camera, and the zoom would be great. I'm not shooting for SI, just for the grandparents can see him on fb. For its intended demographic it is ideal. I have better gear, and when necessary, I'll use it. This looks like a fun little camera! Oly traditionally makes great jpegs, right up this camera's alley. Better than most phone-cameras, so those who buy it will get better pics, and that's what it should all be about. Some of you sound like you're berating buyers for not waiting for the D4 instead.

I agree. Most of these posters sound pretentious - pretending they know soooo much. Posting based on stats and a press release makes them sound so ignorant. There are many people with today's lifestyles who could use these features. Those who think not must not have a very active lifestyle.

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