Lives in Canada Regina / SK, Canada
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About me:

I like to shoot medium format film on occasion, usually with a Pentax 67 and sometimes with a Graflex Century Graphic.


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50/2, EX-25 + Raynox M-25050/2, Raynox M-250Oly 50/2, EX-25Dublin_ISO_graphA Study in ContrastsSometimes A CigarInlinesP1110114-DM-bOly 50/2Pianissimo (original)P1070581bP3060266bP6230305-DM-bP1070882-DM-bP1070883-DM-bP1070897-DM-bP1070900-DM-bP1070905-DM-bP1070906-DM-bP1070916-DM-bDublin_Focal_length_graphDublin_F_Stop_graphWinter on the High PrairieDad and OscarP1010297-FadingSlidesP1010297-InstantFilmP1010297-NostalgicToyCameraP1010297-70sPianissimo 2P1010894-smallP3200600bP3200601bP1010896-smallPanasonic 14-42 with Olympus WCON-07P1020211b-cropCentreP1020211b-cropLeftP1020211b-cropRightGH2 with Pentax Medium Format LensGrackle ColoursWith Pentax 6x7 200mm lens, 50% croppedGH2 100-300 @ 100 with Raynox 250GH2 100-300 @ 300mm with Raynox 250GH2 100-300 @ 300mm with Raynox 250GH2 100-300 @ 100 with Raynox 250P5180106-details-DM-100pcP5180106-details-DM-bP1040938b-100pcNone Shall PassPianissimo (BW)