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On article No more Olympus OM 35mm (1 comment in total)

A sad day for photography.

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Nikonandmore: It's quite remarkable psychological fetish that most discussions about large format photography are invariably dominated by people that have NEVER shot a single photo with anything else than a consumer camera. But I am yet to see ONCE anyone that does professional & larger format photography jumping into discussions about consumer mainstream gear without actually knowing what they are saying or extensively having used it. Worse, professionals openly accept input & new ideas, & have interested in being educated about all matters of photography while others are just stuck in defending their gear against stuff they've never seen, used or tried.

Ignorance is painful & even more the lack of its awareness. And Im the first to admit my own in many areas & to insist on learning & listening more than I talk.

Ultimately all photography is about who takes the photo & what it's about, NOT about gear used. But using the better gear (because you understand & respect it) means you deserved it!

You mean medium format, rather than large format. Large format is larger still (though the lenses tend to be slow and quite svelte) and the "sensor" is still mostly film.

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My one fear is that a slightly inebriated customer will drink his fixer and fix his prints in Scotch!

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On article Mockups emerge of new Olympus OM-D 'OM-G' (334 comments in total)

It is sad when the camera I would most drool over is an April fools joke! I would absolutely love a digital OM5 with an OM lens mount, manual focus and all!

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On article Enthusiast interchangeable lens camera roundup (2013) (466 comments in total)
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ThePhilips: Judging by the mix of cameras on the list, the "enthusiast camera" moniker meaning less and less.

Inclusion of the Pentax on the list is rather unexpected. Sad to see system sliding into obsolescence. But IMO in 2013 and forward, with such limited lens catalog, having just lost 3rd party lens manuf support, and no video, the Pentax simply has no place on the list among the mainstream cameras today. Sad, but true.

NEX-7 and Fuji X-Pro1 are also oddballs on the list. IMO they are not proper "enthusiast cameras", but "enthusiast's second cameras". And that deserves its own category. Many own two systems this days, and choice of second system is important too. I think "Best enthusiast cam to go with your Canon/Nikon DSLR" might be two interesting topics (one for Canon, one for Nikon).

Research the Pentax system before posting. Pentax has the largest selection of APSc oriented prime lenses of any system and is a great camera to use. It also definitely has video.

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It would be dissapointing if the Olympus OM-D was a m4/3rds body. I have always been hankering for an OM5-D continuing the OM line of lenses and bodies and remaining manual focus only:


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policeman0077: a low price version without hybrid viewfinder and more compact body would be interesting

Without hybrid viewfinder??? Why??? For most users the main attraction is the window finder. Now if only they had added a real rangefinder and used a manual helical in the lens instead of manual focus by wire it would have been perfect.

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