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I'm curious to know where these counterfeits are sold. Perhaps Canon can advise so that consumers may steer clear.

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You don't need an LCD panel to check your images because every shot you take will be amazing.

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On article Nikon D750 service advisory warns of shutter issue (347 comments in total)
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Borgward7: All right, I will tell you why we Nikon faithful get so freakin' annoyed with Nikon -- because it's run by engineers, not by business professionals. Good design, bad follow-through. Case in point: I got the recent D750 technical advisory email from Nikon on Feb. 29, and I sent my D750 to the Nikon Melville (NY) repair facility on March 1. On March 7, I got a camera-received acknowledgement from Nikon, and soon after that the repair-information function on the Nikon website reported that my camera was in the shop on a "Parts - Hold" status.


So who knows when I'll see my D750 again. To ease my feelings of desolation and deprivation, I went out and immediately bought a D810. So now you see, I hope, how we Nikon thralls suffer under the yoke of Nippon Kōgaku.

I received the advisory notice, then requested a service check. Now I'm waiting for them to send me a return package to send my camera back. They said they're staggering it (I guess they can't cope with them all at once). It's been about a week, no idea how long it will take. Oh I'm based in the UK.

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Chris Yates: No image stabilization even at this price? I suppose Canon realizes that people who buy this lens are switching over to the SONY A7r II system and would not need it the IS feature :P

For videography IS is a massive benefit. For stills you can of course use faster shutter speeds and wider apertures. It's not the same for video.

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SRHEdD: So glad I jumped to Sony.


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Digital Mike0697: Has anyone notice there is a problem with lens flare on D750? Nikon Rumors, is stating there is a problem. I want to know before I buy the camera.

Thank you.

Uh oh. Here we go...

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On article Nikon D750 Review (2001 comments in total)

Apart from only having a DX sensor, my two gripes with the D7000 were the metering (overexposing) and abysmal low light autofocus. The D610 didn't seem much of an improvement, but here we have not just a camera that gets them right, but knocks it out of the park in pretty much every other department, too. Looks like the perfect upgrade and at a pretty reasonable price.

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Awesome – I needed a new toiletry bag.

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stawarz: So will this set a precedent whereby if an animal takes a picture of itself the photographer who's equipment took the image no longer assumes copyright? Now what happens to all the other wildlife pictures whereby they were triggered by the animal tripping a remote release and not by the photographer, have they in fact taken a selfie?

So it's down to whether or not someone has the idea first? Well, I guess he should just reissue his statement and claim that it was his idea to give the monkey his camera allowing it to take selfies.

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Yeah, cheers Canon.

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NiklaiN: Use Nikon software for Nikon RAW files. You will see miracles!

@NiklaiN from your experience how does Nikon's raw conversion software compare with Capture One, assuming you have tried both? And using which camera? Cheers.

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On article Apple to cease development of Aperture (425 comments in total)
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vFunct: Lightroom is awful and simply not as good as Aperture. Lightroom focuses on garbage features like Lens Correction, when the features like metadata workflow is FAR more important to a professional photographer than any "lens correction" ever could be.

No client in the world has EVER cared about lens distortion & correction. They don't even NOTICE it. So why the hell does Lightroom even include that as a "feature"? They should be trying to get their metadata workflow to be as good as Aperture's.

Really, Lightroom is only for high-end amateurs and other prosumers. It really isn't a professional calibre photo tool like Aperture is.

Meanwhile, looking over the Photos demo from WWDC, it does look like it's more Aperture than iPhoto, so that is a sign of relief. Also, it looks like we'll be able to move the Aperture database over to Photos, so that probably means it has Aperture's feature set, maybe including stacks and so on... dunno... we'll see.

@vFunct brilliant – thanks for the laugh!

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On article Apple to cease development of Aperture (425 comments in total)

Capture One, guys, Capture One.

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What would be wonderful is smart phone that has decent battery life. Then cram in all the bells and whistles afterwards.

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High-end optical performance, eh?

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It's all... part of the plan.

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On article Portfolio: Photography student Luke Evans (157 comments in total)

I love discovering new photographers, even this one. I just don't expect to see one seemingly random student plucked from the pool of many talented individuals and occupy the front page of dpreview.

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On article Leica M Monochrom now available in grayscale (sort of) (136 comments in total)

A limited edition of something already quite exclusive. Amazing.

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