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In the not-too-distant past it was PC Magazine/Byte/PC World, and now Pop Photo. I used to be a Pop Photo subscriber for 3 years at an incredible price, but once I discovered all the online resources available on the internet I never go back to print magazines for their "at-least-1-month-old" latest news.

Anyway, it's sad to see Pop Photo becomes an historical item. R.I.P.

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ParxyinOz: Has anybody managed to find the deal on ownership of images submitted for this contest.
I've e-mailed in for them but have not had any reply. So hopefully the government are not trying to get a lot of free images for not much.

They have done this in the past. Especially annoying when they put their hand out for sizeable amounts when ever you look to be shooting for income ( i.e. using a tripod or other such high end give aways ) in so many part of the country.

@keithrj: So Skypixel/DJI doesn't pay any royalty to the copyright holder?

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joelakeland: Panasonic seems to take the smallest of steps with improving their image quality for stills. Because I don't ever hit the record button for video, the latest models are pointless.

A small correction: the kit lens included should be 14-42mm II, not 14-45mm. The photo this link referred to shows clearly that 42mm is the maximum in the zoom range.

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toomanycanons: When's the last time any of you bought a Metz product?

@dmanthree: Which model of Metz flash did you buy for your Panasonic GX1?

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Judged by the door and the spoon basket I think I have the same dishwasher at home!!

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d10694: I already have 2 lenses that adjust by changing their shape, with additional coated glass lenses in the group to improve performance and focus.

You certainly mean your pair of Mark I eyeballs, right?

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akcli2007: It makes a good car camera for recording what happen on the road during driving.

Hi P@l: If you look closer to one of the product pictures on the same page (Vixia3.jpg) you will see "DC IN" on the little cover that also has "HDMI" on it. So this camera does support external power source...it's just a matter of finding one that works with it and your car, be it from Canon or other 3rd-party makers. canon's offering will not be cheap, though.

I will save some money to buy one for my car!!

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akcli2007: It makes a good car camera for recording what happen on the road during driving.

Hi P@l: Apart from your observation that this camera is likely not having a DC socket for external power source, I also notice the absence of LED lights next to the lens. The car-cam I used to install in my car has 2 powerful LED lights on either side of the lens, thus making night-time recording possible.

If you want to install it in your car, look for suction-cup bracket with a tripod screw - you can stick it on the inside of the windshield. Although I haven't checked t out yet, you may find those accessories made for GoPro works for this Canon beauty.

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It makes a good car camera for recording what happen on the road during driving.

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SeeRoy: "Lunar"; "Stellar"...
It would be more appropriate to use the astronomical term "Black Hole" - toward which this company is surely heading.

I would think the next one will be called "Disaster" LOL

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