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I bought a Nikon 1 V1, when the price plummeted. I really like it but the V2 looks bigger and uglier. Surely the point of having a small sensor is to make the camera smaller? Sony did a better job with the same size sensor.

Its not surprising that the 1 system isn't doing well but I don't think that means that mirrorless cameras are unappealing. They just have to use the advantages of mirrorless instead of making something that looks like a DSLR.

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Lea5: If someone would enter my room with it, I would kick it from his face and smash it on the ground (many of my friends would do the same) I hope they ban this spy-glass in the EU. Enough spying through he NSA and British Intelligence, no other stuff like that needed.

So it doesn't matter if its a photographer and not a spy? I can't think why any spy would use this when there's already much less obvious spy cams available. At least the person wearing these would have good evidence of your GBH. I get annoyed at some of the reactions I get using my camera in public, even when I'm not photographing people. Don't think everyone wearing these is out to get you.

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I don't buy expensive phones and the camera probably wont be any better than a cheap compact, so this wont be on my shopping list.

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I've been waiting for a larger sensor compact that's not too bulky. The Canon G1 X is just too big. This looks just right. I'm also in to HD video and the specs look great.

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I liked the first Camera Bag and will try this one. PhotoScape does a lot of the things I like as well and it's free but Camera Bag 2 is priced very reasonably.

I was doing pinhole, cross-processing and lots of other effects with prints in the late 80's, so this isn't a fad for me. I had one of the original Lomo Russian cameras that was very cheap. They're a rip off now but the lomography site has been around for years so this kind of photography style can't be called a fad.

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