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On article Hands-on with the Canon EOS Rebel T7i / EOS 800D (69 comments in total)

I would love to replace my 550D but need 4K video, so another year wait? I'm using Panasonic at the moment but still buy Canon mount lenses hoping they will one day make a camera I want to buy again. I'm really disappointed with Canon, the 550D was great but they seem to of lost the plot since then.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Casio QV-4000 (61 comments in total)

I had one of these. Used it for a few years and the photos were great. If I needed higher resolution, I took a few photos and stitched them together. Until the Canon EOS 300D came along, I was happy using this.

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On article Modern Mirrorless: Canon EOS M5 Review (1641 comments in total)

Canon are a few years too late and I still prefer having 4k with my year old Panasonic G7 that was much cheaper. My last Canon was the 550D from 6 years ago. Can't believe how far they have fallen behind the competition since then. I hope they go back to making cameras in this price range that have something more advanced than the competition but that now looks unlikely. Would love to use my Canon lenses on a Canon body again one day.

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I bought a Nikon 1 V1, when the price plummeted. I really like it but the V2 looks bigger and uglier. Surely the point of having a small sensor is to make the camera smaller? Sony did a better job with the same size sensor.

Its not surprising that the 1 system isn't doing well but I don't think that means that mirrorless cameras are unappealing. They just have to use the advantages of mirrorless instead of making something that looks like a DSLR.

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On article Koci sees life through Google Glass (23 comments in total)
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Lea5: If someone would enter my room with it, I would kick it from his face and smash it on the ground (many of my friends would do the same) I hope they ban this spy-glass in the EU. Enough spying through he NSA and British Intelligence, no other stuff like that needed.

So it doesn't matter if its a photographer and not a spy? I can't think why any spy would use this when there's already much less obvious spy cams available. At least the person wearing these would have good evidence of your GBH. I get annoyed at some of the reactions I get using my camera in public, even when I'm not photographing people. Don't think everyone wearing these is out to get you.

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On article Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 Zoom camera/phone hybrid (220 comments in total)

I don't buy expensive phones and the camera probably wont be any better than a cheap compact, so this wont be on my shopping list.

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I've been waiting for a larger sensor compact that's not too bulky. The Canon G1 X is just too big. This looks just right. I'm also in to HD video and the specs look great.

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On article App Review: CameraBag 2 (49 comments in total)

I liked the first Camera Bag and will try this one. PhotoScape does a lot of the things I like as well and it's free but Camera Bag 2 is priced very reasonably.

I was doing pinhole, cross-processing and lots of other effects with prints in the late 80's, so this isn't a fad for me. I had one of the original Lomo Russian cameras that was very cheap. They're a rip off now but the lomography site has been around for years so this kind of photography style can't be called a fad.

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