Jack Simpson

Lives in Canada Vancouver, Canada
Works as a Flogger of Photographic gear & FreeLance PJ
Joined on Feb 18, 2004
About me:

HAVE PurchaseD an IST*Ds and see if my Canon G2 can reach 200,000
don't think so but **EDIT: my Canon G2 did not reach 200K ..it was kind of halted at
about 86K when I got my IST*Ds (in Dec 2004) which went on to about 88K when it
got replaced by my 2nd K200D in Mar 09 :D. Got a Pentax K-r in Dec 2010 and a Pentax Q (w/ Prime and FishEye) in Sept 2011 :) and added the O2 (Wide Angle Zoom) and O6 (Tele Zoom) to the Q, as well as, adding a Ricoh GR IV this past May 31, 2013 and, after thrashing my Q and 06 lens, I know have a Q7 and another 06 lens :D




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