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EXkurogane: The Tamron is too big and heavy.
For weak people.

It is big and heavy for a prime lens with such parameters. If it would be F1.4, I personally would not complain.

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tabbyarthur: Enjoyed the humor —

For videographer, is the Tamron 35 a viable option?

In another review of this lens by a French guy he says that AF is noisy and hunts. So, this lens is "no go" for video, I guess.

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marc petzold: The best bargain (no WR) is the Samyang/Rokinon AF 35/2.8 FE, hands down.

It's even well cheaper than the Tamron, being into the Market since Summer 2017, so even newer than the Sony Zeiss 35/2.8 FE, and gives 95% the IQ of this Lens, whileas only costing 1/3 (that's one-third) of the Sony Price.

See the dozens of 1:1 comparsions via YT. one can't go wrong with the 35/2.8 Samyang for a bargain price. Last, but not least - Firmware v04 should being flashed into this 35/2.8 FE Samyang, the same goes for the excellent 35/1.4 FE from Samyang, too.

The Tamron is a behemoth in Size, vs the Samyang/Sony/Rokinon 35/2.8 FE Lenses. But IQ seems to be pretty decent, albeit a 67mm Filterthread is being huge, for such Lens Design.

To Chris Niccols - i do know, you hate 35mm Lenses, but you know what? I can't stand these gazillions of boring 50mm Lenses. Hourses for Courses, everyone is being different. ;)

A fine weekend, good Light.

I already wrote above that for the change left from buying Samyang one can buy a nice classic manual 50mm with better closeup capability and together with the Samy they will sitill take less volume in your bag than one of these Tamrons.
And how often do you need this kind of closeup in comparison to the rest of you photo needs (to be honest)? So, for 1-2% of the photos you need to carry the extra bulk 100% of the time.

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Critical Thinker: Tamron really dropped the ball with these primes. They are so unnecessarily large. Such a surprise after did they did such a good job with the f/2.8 zooms.

An old manual $50 macro lens will do the job as well. This mediocre magnification doesn't worth the double size and weight of this lens. It is even not considered a macro but a close-up.

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daqk: People buy Sony 35F2.8 for compactness that matches the A7 body, that alone is a good value besides AF speed, which is also essential on shots.
This time, Tamron might just be an ok alternative for cheaper price tag. But I like my 28-75F2.8 ... a lot. lol

A cheaper alternative to Sony is called Samyang and it is two times smaller and lighter than the Tamron with similar (or better) IQ and AF performance. And it is significantly cheaper than Tamron as well.

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