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It just goes to show that most of your readers are spec driven who doesn't even own the cameras that they voted for.

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itsastickup: No Bokeh. No Buy.

This should always have been a 50mm equiv camera if it were to have a fixed lens.

Silly Fuji.

Should have been, could have been. Find me a 50mm fixed lens camera in this category. You're the only one who is in the market for a fixed 50. Ridiculous.

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jedinstvo: As a faithful user of the GSW 690 film camera I'd like to see something similar in digital. A giant sensor!

Get a Hassy grandpa. This is a compact camera.

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On article Leica includes Lightroom 4 with most camera purchases (35 comments in total)

They should throw in a CS5 or a CS6 when available and not Lightroom considering the price of an M9.

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Stanley zheng: ok the image is great and all, but can anybody give some info on where this camera is made in? cuz I understand that some nikon camera like the d300 is made in Thailand. Are d800's are also made in thailand? please fill me in on this one.

Is there a difference if it is made in Thailand or Japan? Quality wise it is Nikon quality standards.

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polarhei: well, I think he is too negative to view something.

Currently now, there is no any 36X24 3-Layered CMOS in the production line, so this continues.

one more thing,chemical reaction are less relying on battery.

Huh? Are we talking something different here?

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I2M: Hello,

I'd like to pre-order a Nikon D4.
Do you know if I have a chance to receive it before June (if ordered today)?
I suppose there are too much pre-orders by well-known stores like Adorama, BH or Amazon. Your advices are welcome.

Thank you,


I think you'll get a more firm answer from the store you are buying the camera. Like with anything else there are no guarantees but the longer you wait the lesser the chance you will get it on the day you need it.

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On article Leica launches M9-P professionally targeted rangefinder (100 comments in total)

I'm sure a lot of people will fall for this camera. I am one of them but the increase in price for some minor changes to an already expensive camera is ridiculous. I can justify spending an extra grand if they have at least improve the performance of the camera. Leicaphiles will always use the "iconic and special not for everybody camera" as an excuse for the cameras technological shortcoming. Pro photogs will benefit more using Nikons and Canons than using this. Leica M will always be a good "street camera" and that's about it.

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