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fedway: The high iso shots confirm that the latest apsc models w/Sony sensors: Nikon d7500 and d500; and Pentax kp have caught up to the best of current generation FF semipro: D750 and A7r2. Although that may be more due to their processors than to the sensors and to more cooking of raw files than ever before. Which means once you apply this increased processing power to the next iteration of the d750 and a7r2 that we're going up yet another level in high iso IQ.

I agree with Geoactive. Having cover concert with the D750 and the D600, both produce better images then what I see here and what I saw from the D500. I do beleive that both the D500 and the D7500 are great camera, but for low light, they are not as good as NIkon FF.

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Dennishh: Anyone read terms and conditions? Do they own the Copyright if you enter?

You keep the Copyright, but grant them the right to use the pictures to promote the contest.

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ozpaul: Still amazes me that the mid-range D90 has never needed a firmware upgrade.... Someone must have done a good job. I wonder if they still work for Nikon????

Paulo, The D300 had a firmware upgrade. I have the D50 too and can't rember any upgrade for it :o)

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Donnie G: I think the camera will do very well in the marketplace against its rivals in the entry level DSLR space. Nice to see Nikon stepping up its game at both ends of the traditional DSLR market. Still I hope Canon continues to resist the urge to bump up the pixel count and stays focused on making better pixels instead.

"Still I hope Canon continues to resist the urge to bump up the pixel count and stays focused on making better pixels instead"

Funny, When looking to Canon offering, Nikon fan's were saying the same.....3 years ago !

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Milimike: IMHO, the 5D MKIII has the best colors and contrast overall.

To your eyes !

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