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  • Would that also apply to the public witnessing one animal kill another? Should we protect the wildebeest from the lion? If we are all equal, then there's no difference to the wildebeest whether ...
  • Replied in Blacks
    Thanks! Not the response I expected.
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    So you didn't read my post? There IS a racial group called often called 'blacks' (and other terms) which the developed world has recognized for longer than either of us has been alive. You may ...
  • Replied in Blacks
    WHOOOSHHH!!!! That's the sound of my post flying way over your head. Did you even read it or did you just read enough till you thought of a snarky response.
  • Replied in Blacks
    Bob's trying to be funny.
  • Replied in Blacks
    The phrase "African Americans" wasn't explicit enough?
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    Reading comprehension just isn't what it used to be, huh?
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    Ok I misunderstood. Agreed.
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    Don't you know Oriental is a no-no? Because those features are almost never ...
  • Created discussion thread Blacks
    What is the accepted term in your country? People in the US have been trained to call them "African Americans" even to the extent of calling blacks outside the country African American which of ...
  • Wild geese exist.
  • Who is "them"?
  • Posting here is very important to his social life.
  • I tend to think everything trump says is garbage, but I don't know enough about the topic to have an opinion.
  • Not what I asked. Certainly Lyle getting paid to promote Trump would in his opinion be good for the country. That's his opinion though, so it doesn't imply that he puts Russian agendas over US ones. ...
  • Are you anti-Russia? Are you "anti-" any other nations we should know about?
  • Those aren't the ones complaining because of course they are pretty much all dead by now. Then they died of old age.
  • You know this guy who was shot was white don't you? Do you know the race of the cop?
  • Yes if they have a driver's license that is part of the training. If not, they shouldn't be driving. According to many reports the lights were on. I've never seen a police car use the siren without ...
  • I think bacon is fantastic. It's much better than carrots.
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