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  • I came here while researching the "new" Sony F717 and every camera I bought since.  Read the d200 forum for years. Didn't join till 2011.
  • That is not the post you were replying to. Maybe you should get some sleep. Yeah tell your mommy to warm you some milk and tuck you in.
  • Well if you can't stay on topic maybe you shouldn't participate.
  • Run along and let the adults talk.
  • Actually if you'll notice. I made a post mentioning black people and your response was "did your mom teach you never to trust strangers" try harder. If you are still afraid to help a black man on ...
  • You go outside, you get killed You stay inside, you get killed -=-=-=-=-=- I figure this information is about as useful as Marcamera's list
  • Ok explain to me why your question is relevant? Are cops worse than blacks because they kill people after swearing an oath?
  • Think about what you are saying. "Sure he shot someone, but he never swore to serve and protect them so I guess it's not a big deal."
  • My mom didn't teach me not to trust black people. I guess you were raised differently. Are you still little? Do you still come in when the streetlights turn on?
  • if you come off like an ignorant jackass? How about starting a thread "How not to get shot by a black man" I'm sure you could come up with singular examples of every possible scenario happening and ...
  • Replied in Lol!!!
    The first was point blank while they were wrestling for the gun through the car window. The rest around 10-20 feet more or less it appears. Gen ...
  • Replied in Lol!!!
    Thanks Sherlock. Do you kow how they determine that? Look up the definition of assault. Yeah shot in three volleys, none of which entered his back. Do you know why? Did Wilson pick him up off the ...
  • Replied in Lol!!!
    You might want to review the case. It was clearly established that he assaulted the officer, ran away, the officer pursued,  Brown stopped, turned around and was approaching the officer when shot. ...
  • Replied in Lol!!!
    You are not using the proper terms. He was shot in self defense while assaulting an officer. That is not an execution. That's the opinion of the Grand jury. Due process.
  • You might want to look up the difference between evidence and proof. Testimony is evidence by the way.
  • It is also possible that the Boston bombers just really screwed up a recipe for fried chicken and accidentally added explosive ingredients to the pressure cooker. But most people aren't willing to ...
  • Either of them? Well regarding failure to comply. Unless you are willing to assume she was yelling walk back to your car rather than stop, we certainly have evidence of his failure to comply. Just ...
  • How would you describe them?
  • Replied in What if?
    I suppose you meant to say her testimony disputes the claims from the victims family's attorney. If you want to believe the claim from said attorney who wasn't there and is basing it on low res ...
  • Amirite?
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