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    You can't multiply by "drink". (Meant to reply to OP)
  • Would it be offensive if it came from a black comedian? Does that matter? Should it? So many questions.
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    I said false premise, not weak. Incarceration is wrong because in general confining humans against their will is wrong. Agreed?
  • Maybe Trump was being honest and the media was looking in the wrong place. There might have been one of these on a freighter headed that way.
  • Segregation should not be forced by government, nor should integration, but segregation should be decried by society. It is not a good thing. This is of course not referring to equal opportunity. ...
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    You make no sense sometimes. I gave an example to show that the world isn't black and white. I think it is more nutter to base your decision making on statements that aren't always true. To justify ...
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    What scenario is he referring to then? Just for fun let's see if you can have a discussion without cropping or changing the quotes. Are you up for it? That is not a question that is possible to ...
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    Shoot shootings aren't something I "invented". Pretty stupid of you to claim that. Fun 4 All said " causing the death of another human is immoral and wrong. " I asked if it was wrong to shoot ...
  • It's really pathetic that you waste your time (and our's) here just screwing up other people's discussions. Are you like this to people's faces or is this just an outlet for your anti-social ...
  • To me vegetarian means someone who thinks Trump is the messiah. That's my new definition. Nobody owns the definition of vegetarian and I don't care what the dictionary says. Tell me, are you a ...
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    You're starting to sound like fun 4 all. That's not a good thing. Is that how it works? So I need to specifically point out every claim you make and "argue" that it doesn't apply to me, otherwise ...
  • You don't have to mention something to be talking about it. I mentioned it and you replied. That makes it the topic of discussion. It went like this: Why can't you have an honest discussion? It's ...
  • When Trump can keep his hands off them that is.
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    HAHAHAHA you are hilarious. You should do stand up.
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    You look like a dope high-fiving the forum jackass just because you want to get an insult in at my expense.
  • You aren't making sense, try harder. I would help if you didn't crop my words and actually replied to what I said.
  • No but that is irrelevant. I was replying to rxbot about armed forces.
  • Exactly.
  • "a person killing another person is.... homicide" Alternatively: Homicide is a person killing another person. Both sentences are grammatically and logically correct. Please explain why you think ...
  • Do you believe firing back at someone who is firing at you is attempted murder, or actual murder if you hit them?
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