Charles Pike

Charles Pike

Lives in United States Charlotte, NC, United States
Works as a Stock or magazine photographer
Has a website at
Joined on Jul 30, 2005
About me:

retired hvac industrial designer. I have been shooting since I picked up photography while serving in the Army in 1958.
I am now shooting photo's for magazines. I currently own a Panasonic GX7 and have the 14 mm, 20mm, 25 mm, 45 mm, 14-45mm and 45-200 mm lens. I am shooting stock photo's and have been selling to a magazine here in NC called Our State magazine. I do this part time and have made anything from $100 to $1,000 per issue. Not enough to make a living, but then I am retired. I am currently working to expand my market and move into other publications.

I have been published in: The Christian Science Monitor, Our State magazine, BlueRidge Country magazine.


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