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  • I will. Might be a week or so. Going to the doctor tomorrow, think I have bronchitis. I've got it every year for the past 4 years.
  • Just wanted to update the thread. The FDn 28mm f2.8 was right at $44 shipped. I think that's a decent price. I'd rate it at near mint. Even came with an Olympics cap instead of the regular Canon ...
  • Thank you. Good to know.
  • Thanks, great info. I guess my aftermarket FD cap is junk. Won't turn at all. Weighs about a third of a real FD cap. Tried the FDn cap from my 28mm f2 lens on the 28mm f2.8 lens and it and worked ...
  • Issue number 2, is that the Canon New FD 28mm f2.8 lens is supposed to use the same Hood as the New FD 28mm f2. Which is the BW-52b. On the 28mm f2 the hood is loose, as expected. The hood is ...
  • Created discussion thread New FD 28mm f2.8
    I mentioned in my other Canon thread that I had bought a Canon New FD 28mm f2.8 lens. It came, it's in great condition. Even has a Canon Olympics lens cap. I have a couple questions. Had it mounted ...
  • Don't know why it posted. So I did a quick edit. I'm in North Carolina and we can't seem to get a break with the rain. I guess what we are getting now is the remnants of tropical storm Bertha. I ...
  • Created discussion thread New lenses and Rain.
    Continued in next post.
  • Tom, Neewer 85mmf1.8 is a 6/6 design. Opteka 85mm f1.8 is a 10/7 design. There are also cheap 85mm f1.8 lenses with a 9/7 design.
  • Replied in 50's
    Very possible, and if so the MCii version is the best version. Nice lens if you can get one cheap. I have one I use on my Nex 6.
  • Replied in 50's
    On a budget I'd choose the Nikkor-H Auto 2/50 instead. No such lens. MC Rokkor PG 1.4/50 I prefer the MDi 1.4/50 instead Much lighter lens. Still pretty reasonable. Be careful unless you get it at ...
  • Thanks, I will post some sample pics after I get it. Got a vintage Vivitar wide angle hood coming for it also. Soligor and original Sun prices run much higher, if you can find one.
  • $21.50 winning bid. Thought that was pretty good. There is also a Soligor version of this lens, but I've only seen it in 55mm filter thread. Made roughly between 1977 and 1979.
  • Also somewhere in one off my misc. lens boxes I have a New FD 135mm f3.5. Will have to drag it out and try it. Think there's an AE1 in the same box, and a T50.
  • The New FD 100 2.8 came and the hood. Nice lens, think I'm going to like it. Unfortunately the rain came at the same time. I also found a deal on a FDn 28mm f2.8 lens. Had no intention of buying ...
  • Nothing particularly rare. MC Quantaray Wide Auto 24mm f2.5. The 1980 version with 58mm filter thread. Made by Sun Optical. I really wanted the Sun Optical labeled version but that's alot harder to ...
  • Thanks, yes it does help keep the budget under control.
  • Created discussion thread How Fast Are You.?
    I just bought a lens off of Ebay. One I've been chasing for Years. Nothing super rare. I just wasn't willing to pay the prices I was seeing it generally listed at. I don't use a sniping app. So ...
  • So loose it wont stay on. Missing wear strips. The white inserts that keep the lens hood tight. By what I've read they either wear down, or turn to goo from age.
  • Well the hood came on Saturday. I bought a really nice hood, but apparently there is no such thing as a nice Canon hood for New FD lenses. Thought about sending it back, but no. You can't buy a ...
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