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  • Thanks Brian... Yes, you re-phrased my question well. I want to know if "mechanical diaphragm control" is good or bad. I've had dozens of older "F" lenses where the body controlled the diaphragm au ...
  • Created discussion thread Nikkor 10-20mm diaphragm?
    I hate to use KR as a reference, but he says of the new, cheap Nikkor 10-20mm lens: "It has a traditional mechanical diaphragm actuator, not an "E" electronic diaphragm , so its diaphragm works on ...
  • I do not attempt to track who posts the most. At least on my screen, DPR no longer has a pane w/ that information, which is good. It may be available elsewhere, but I do not look for it. I think ...
  • Can you provide a link to an authoritative source [not your pedant friends] that EC does not affect the sensitivity of the camera meter circuit? Do all cameras work the same way re EC?
  • Replied in Totally wrong
    LOL. Is that a "bias" or an "offset"? How can you tell which is used?
  • Please take this speculative discussion to the S&TF! If you don't know for sure how cameras work, go figure it out and when everyone agrees, come back and tell us?
  • Amen! I grin to think what your reaction would have been had I suggested that wording change instead of Tony! The word "bias" was a part of your mumbo-jumbo. What I described [rotating the zero ...
  • Tony, did you not see my pictures of the Weston meter? I explained that it does NOT have a constant sensitivity. I provided a link and snipped a quote from that lnk. This is perhaps a semantic ...
  • How does a beginner see "offset"? I agree that your new term "offset" is better than your old term "bias" [which is something else entirely]. The end of obfuscation would be nice.
  • The major thing you need to be careful with when changing, is to not drop anything. (1) Dust is everywhere and contrary to myth, it doesn't fall down very fast. Google "Brownian Motion". Holding the ...
  • Replied in ILC
    Possibly. More likely too much effort explaining what it does.
  • (1) Who made that "rule"? (2) Does a camera meter have both input and output sensitivity? Why not? My dad ...
  • How can you tell the difference from the outside? Thought experiment: Take two black box cameras and in one, change the bias and in the other change the sensitivity. Can a beginner tell the difference?
  • Replied in ILC
    Of course, it should be. My fingers are broken...
  • I'm sorry Craig, but optics simply doesn't work that way. Cut out a small piece of a "post-it-Note" [about 1/8" square] and stick it on the back of any lens. It doesn't matter what lens you use. I ...
  • That is HOW the sensitivity is adjusted. What you wrote is very sloppy: It could be interpreted many ways. "... a bias is applied to the meter of whatever is the EC setting ." are nonsense words. M ...
  • Replied in ILC
    Mine is the best student and a track star. She leads. BUT, she seems to avoid being a "close horse". She wears what others do. She would not be seen w/ a big, serious camera in public.
  • I agree. I only had one trip to Sedona, but came back w/ many good images. Sorry for the somewhat pedantic comments!
  • When your exposure duration is long, enable Long Exposure NR.
  • It's the shadow of a rather big dust particle on the filter in front of your sensor. The other blobs are the trail of your neighborhood UFO. ;-) Get a lens hood!
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