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I can only imagine what Leica will be charging.

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Ed B: I have an image I'd like to submit but it wasn't actually taken by me, it was taken by my son.

Is it legal to submit it?

Don't want to do anything unethical.

Thank you.

Thanks, Tim, but after looking at the photos that have already been posted I don't think his image or any of mine would stand a chance. Some great pictures there.

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I have an image I'd like to submit but it wasn't actually taken by me, it was taken by my son.

Is it legal to submit it?

Don't want to do anything unethical.

Thank you.

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$8,000.00? Is this a joke? I'd be ashamed to admit I spent that kind of money on this.

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Thanks for the first impressions but I've always wondered why DPR posts sample images without EXIF data.
Maybe I'm missing something but even though most of the images posed for this, or any camera, look good seeing the EXIF data is always beneficial.

Edit: just realized EXIF data is posted in the "galleries" section of DPR but it would still be nice to see it in a review.

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I'm sure she already has a lawyer and the band, along with anyone else connected to the event, better hope they have insurance.

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Laugh all you want. One of my favorite cameras was the Canon 10D and when I look back at some of my old pictures I still kick myself for "upgrading" that camera.

Naturally, newer cameras are better in many ways but older cameras with good lenses still have value and would put most small sensor compact cameras, that cost close to a thousand dollars, to shame.

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$1700.00 for a camera with a one-inch sensor is a ridiculous amount. I'm sure Sony will sell a lot of them but I just don't see it being worth that kind of money.

Naturally, that's only an opinion and I'm sure many people will disagree with me.

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Late 2003 was when I made the switch from film and the EOS3 to the Canon 10D. I didn't have the 24-70 Canon lens (don't even remember Canon having a 24-70 2.8L in those days and only remember their 28-70 2.8L) but had the 28-70 2.8 Sigma EX lens. Sigma had to re-chip that lens for the 10D but it worked perfect and Sigma didn't charge for the updated chip. The Sigma along with the 16-35 2.8L, that I bought as soon as it was released (original version, ugh!) and the 85 1.8 were my primary lenses. Loved that camera and kept it for quite a few years before replacing it with the 40D.

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I think camera manufacturer's need to get a grip on themselves. $700.00 for any camera with a tiny sensor is ridiculous. They're good outdoors with plenty of light and that's about all. Image quality isn't any better than cameras, with a long zoom from several years ago, that cost about half the price.

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" Meanwhile, the economic downturn has made the less-expensive mirrorless cameras a more appealing purchase for those who think that a cell phone is insufficient."

Not sure I agree with this statement. Naturally, some entry level mirrorless cameras are less expensive than some entry level DSLRs but, generally speaking, mirrorless doesn't seem less expensive.

Mirrorless lenses, for brands like Sony, are more expensive than equivalent DSLR lenses so when you talk about a camera system, mirrorless can easily exceed the price of a good DSLR.

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Wow! What is Nikon thinking?

I know I'm just repeating what others have said but $1100.00 for a fixed 28 mm 2.8 lens just isn't going to be a big seller.

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