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  • Qimage is not subscription software. Whichever version you have keeps working but you can "subscribe" to one year of updates. This is no different to any perpetual license except you don't get ...
  • Invest in this software it will make scanning much easier and give you better results. https://www.hamrick.com/ With Vuescan you can "scan from preview". This means that you do the preview scan at ...
  • Replied in Real death?
    Reported here https://www.dslrbodies.com/accessories/software-for-nikon-dslrs/software-articles/what-thom-uses.html Ian
  • DP as that is the future. DP designed for computers HDMI designed for TV's. Ian
  • Are you sure NIK 3 uninstalled correctly. Might be worth uninstalling NIK and looking for any references to NIK in the Program files and in Users/roaming and Users/Local and deleting them there ...
  • How did the install of NIK 2 actually fail? Ian
  • I think dng was a missed opportunity. When it was first announced there were a number of vocal evangelists for the format. Unfortunately they decided that the best way to get people to adopt it ...
  • Good practical point. Yes, you need to be able to sit further away, so you need to make sure your work layout allows this. Ian
  • Be aware that unlike when watching TV where you are 2m away you are normally very close to your monitor. Large screens can need excessive head movements to view the screen contents. Ian
  • Wow, that's a great deal. Ian
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    I don't quite follow your logic? If Adobe supports your raw format why do you want to convert to dng? It's personal choice do whatever you want:-) Ian
  • As Nigel says Tif is best. The reason you get the colour shift with dng is that the file is a 16 bit tif in a dng container without the white point being set. When you open the dng in another ...
  • Agree about Access. Spreadsheets are great for adhoc analysis but beyond a certain level of complexity people should be using Access for data integrity or at least accessing the Access database ...
  • Unfortunately, you are right but even £49 is a bargain:-) You can pay more for a plugin to do focus stacking. Ian
  • Thanks for replying. From what I remember the install was the complete suite:-(. Storage is cheap but just wanted to tidy up and get rid of programs that were just doing nothing. Ian
  • I have no affiliation with them either, Just trying to be helpful, which does seem to get me into trouble with some people:-) Seemed an option for Linux, although I have no idea what's available ...
  • Current AMD Ryzen 3000 CPU's are on a 7nm node.
  • Life! :-) Ian
  • I feel your pain. I used to use AMD GPU but now stick with Nvidia. Why AMD still have these driver issues is beyond me. I wonder if they need to copy Nvidia and have stable drivers for ...
  • Very strange! Try turning off GPU acceleration under Prefs. If this works update your GPU driver from the manufacturers web site. Ian
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