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I don't recall seeing so much innovation by one company through so little time. They keep churning unexpected goodies at inexhaustible rate, and not even solely professionals oriented.
Makes me really curious about what they come up with next...

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mpgxsvcd: The awards Dpreview gives out are just a joke now. I don't even look at them anymore. However, their reviews are thorough and very detailed so that is what I look at.

Keep up the great work Dpreview but ditch the Silver and Gold awards. I don't think you have ever given a Bronze award so these awards really aren’t telling the readers much. My opinion is that the awards cause more controversy than they are worth.

Oh wait a minute…. Now I get it. Controversy = Clicks and Comments. I guess that makes sense. Most people would have overlooked this review because it was just an evolutionary and not revolutionary version of the previous camera.

Slap a Silver award on it and suddenly it has hundreds of comments overnight. Pretty smart thinking there. Clicks = $

Well, at least he gave you some credit...

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Does this Pixma all-in-one become none-in-one as soon as you run out of one cartridge as well, or have they changed that by now? Will it still scan without fresh ink cartridges?

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But does it still refuse to scan once a single ink cartridge is emptied?
After a horrendous experience with a PIXMA where the all-in-one turns into a none-in-one, once a *single* ink cartridge ran out- never again a Canon printer.
So, really what I'm asking is weather Canons money grabbing exploiting policy stopped manifesting itself so abusively in this product.

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On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1842 comments in total)

They are pretty cool over there at Adobe, the VP of Creative Solutions not being impressed at all by the reactions... I hope he isn't disappointed much by the user base at it's mild reactions. I'd like to try some of that stuff he's having myself...

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On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1842 comments in total)
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HubertChen: Why does Adobe think that if you live in China you can read Chinese ?
I just went to the page linked above to read more information about Adobe CC. Since I live in China, it suggest the Chinese Adobe Page, which is in Chinese ? This is not helpful to me. I live in China, but do not speak Chinese ( I am German ). I then can choose the American Website, but most likely they will not allow me to buy their license there, since my Bank and Home Address is Chinese. But the Chinese Page I can't read, as it is available only in Chinese. How to solve this problem ?

You are so off topic...

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I can see what an ingenious idea this is... very smart Adobe! You're scaring everybody with this Cloud apocalypse so that people will begin to think maybe purchasing CS6 is last PS version they'll ever use, thus skyrocketing the sales of CS6! That's quite brilliant... I'm taking notes.

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I own one Pixma printer... never again will I make that mistake. It sits in next room, collecting dust. It's better at collecting dust than at printing, being user friendly or easily serviceable.

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On article Just Posted: Sony DSC-RX100 preview with sample images (642 comments in total)

This thing is hot as dragon fire! I've been checking daily now... when is it coming out already? I'm in agony

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On article What we want in a macro shot - Detail (56 comments in total)

What a great read.
Thanks for the article.

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iaredatsun: Ten years ago this kind of thing mattered on the web and for storage. Broadband speeds, 1TB disks and 32Gb SD cards make this advance redundant for most people. Just use level 12 jpg.

In my case alone I could easily save 10 Gigabytes of storage space. Multiply that by number of global camera users, than multiply again for the usage of net traffic on each picture. We're talking Teraflops now. This is beyond what you are referring too.

Keep in mind that it's not as a viable and economic solution for you as it is for millions of users such as, let's say millions of Egyptians or Chinese or Russians. Not the Same prices, availability,and economic prosperity or trade policies.

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Marc Lorenz: Strange to read about this here, because this a clearly snake oil technology. If you look at the background of the "company", everything looks like a huge bubble of air. The comparison images on the website are faked. (same size, same image)
There were big discussions on various pro graphic boards about this some time ago.

It actually worked for me

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BPJosh: As cheap as TB's are these days it doesn't matter anymore.

I guess it's just as a viable and economic solution for you as it is for millions of users such as, let's say millions of Egyptians or Chinese or Russians, right? Same prices, same availability everywhere, same economic prosperity.

I guess you'd also side with the redundancy of the formats MP3, MP4, XVID, DIVX, ZIP and any other compression method and we'd just stack up those HDs...

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John King: Gidday Folks

Who uses JPEGs anyway? Just kidding, each to their own.

However I shoot RAW + JPEG and only ever use the JPEGs for end users other than myself - web, email, people who want copies, etc. Otherwise, I only ever do editing with RAW into PSD 16 bit files. These are stored as edited. If for printing at A2 size, the file may be up to 200+ MB. I really don't care! If I need to, I will archive these files onto their own DVDR and the whole lot onto "small" HDDs for backup. I never convert these files to JPEGs for any purpose other than third party distribution.

I don't like throwing data away ... ;).

I already backup my LF/SHQ JPEGs to a "small" 160 GB HDD, and thence as a copy to my laptop HDD. The main backup is for all image files to a number of external 1 TB HDDs, and to DVDRs.

My main image HDD is an internal 2 TB Seagate that cost about Oz $100 ...

regards, john

I guess you'd also side with the redundancy of the formats MP3, MP4, XVID, DIVX, ZIP and any other compression method and we'd just stack up those HDs...

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Gimp or Photoshop... I have no inclination to working with either of them just for the sake of enjoying my pictures, thus I share the picture viewing experience of the average joe who just shares his new pics with friends and family.

True, TBs today become cheaper by the minute but at the same time Megapixels bloat by the minute just as well! So in the end if can assure the saving of numerous Gigabytes using this technology without the premium of unnecessary space or perceivable quality loss I would gladly opt for JPEGmini.

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I'm impressed by the results. Very impressed indeed.
It manages to slim down my pictures, significantly I should add, but without any significance noise additions or scarring. If anything on a 100% 1:1 inspection it seems quite like a miniscule sharpening effect that does away with artifacts. That is quite an extraordinary fit considering the maturity of JPEG.
The fact that they've managed to achieve such results without opting for a new file format such as the JPEG2000or the other uncommon, narrow-spreaded systems- is a clear advantage, and as an owner of many Gigabytes of pictures (just your normal P&S guy, non even a hobbyist) I'm truly expectant to slimming down my entire collection using this breakthrough, without cornering myself with a less standardized file format.

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