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Francis Carver: 24 MEGAPIXELS jam-packed onto an APS-C sized sensor????

Thanks, Nikon, but no thanks, dudes. Here is yet another camera that nobody had asked for and frankly, probably nobody really needs. Let alone John Q Consumer.

And that color scheme on the body -- pretty garish and almost painful for the eye, frankly.

I agree about the comments concerning the camera color; however, it also opens up the opportunity to take more pictures without people being suspicious. Observers would clearly consider one who takes pictures with such a camera as only an amateur photographer. With that being said, you may not be stopped at taking creative photos, just another P&S tourist taking snapshots.

Again, I say this but I also cannot imagine myself walking around with something like this in my hands. (What if someone I know sees me?) I would have to say bye bye to any of my "cool points" :-)

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