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worked 'in the streets' in my 'other life' .. no desk-jockey job for me


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would be nice if the battery lasted as the specs indicate-- or at least close to it..

hmmmm April next year???.. sounds like an early April Fool's Joke

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glad I never used it a lot over the years.. could see the writing on the wall and it deteriorating with many many ads onsite.. PB was just for posting a few gif's/images here and there--not anything important...NOT nice the way they conducted themselves this week.... my go to site is SmugMug and has been for the past 8 years.. for me it's the best of the best and well worth the $60 bucks a year for the Power Plan.. e-z to use and customize + great customer service too... also have my Flickr site which I use about as much as I did PB-- since Yahoo got bought out officially this past week by Verizon who knows what will happen to Flickr.. also have My Blog on Google's Blogger site for posting pics

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Sdaniella: Canon is selling their cameras and/lenses with an "Eclipse" pkg

basically, selling the addition of a max ND filter along with any required step-up ring where necessary:

the filter they are specifically promoting is a Hoya filter, here:

HOYA PRO ND100000 (5.0) 67mm (or 3 other sizes)

The PRO ND100000 (5.0) has a 16 3/5-stops light reduction equal to a ND density of 5.0 and 0.001% transmission factor.

the extremely neutral nature is high and it's most suitable to take a picture of the sun.

this ND100000 can get longer exposures than their other ND1000 (10 Stops) filter

other choices less effective (if more transmission combined options preferred) ...

and no one sells that Hoya filter.. search it and you'll see

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On article Beta: try out our new 'light' color scheme (722 comments in total)

I will keep and do prefer the dark background but giving the user the option between both is the best of both worlds..the dark seems to be better for these old eyes--less glare..thanx for doing it the 'right way'

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it's happening to MS with their Windows 8 Tablet operating system... it has failed...they are scrambling to put out Windows 8.1 named Blue to correct their big mistakes..NO start Button.. and the inablility to boot up into Desktop with a PC.. not everyone is a tablet-user duh!.... too little too late... Win 8 is doomed...

and what does Adobe do... come up with this cockamamie Cloud plan.. it is actually laughable.. they are obviously trying to follow in Facebook's direction.. down down downhill

maybe some day these tech giants will come down out of the ' cloud' and wake up and listen to what the user wants.. not this total garbage just to make the almighty dollar

I can foresee the Class action lawsuits starting already...

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On article Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S4 (134 comments in total)

and what about the battery???????.. it's like you forgot to finish the hands on review???

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looks like 'lots of fluff' that ruined a great layout... bring back the old!!!!!!!

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super great.. thank you for the Christmas present... we appreciate it ...a great book

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