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On article Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review (2257 comments in total)

Great ! You spend 1800+ $ to buy this camera to have the same optic results of someone who bought a nex camera for half the price

Software for lens correction are the big equalizer in the mirrorless camera market.

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fPrime: OMG... Did Dpreview actually admit here that the D600 has a sensor oil/dust issue? And all it took was a incremental model number change by Nikon! Imagine if Nikon had released a D810 as well... Dpreview might have also had the guts to finally acknowledge the Left AF focusing defect instead of hiding their heads in the sand for a year.

Yes DP mentioned the oil problem and they gave to the D600 one of the highest score ever. A camera with a design problem getting one of the highest score ever ? DP are you kidding me ??

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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX100 First-impressions Review (154 comments in total)

I am a bit skeptical . Convergence is the holy grail : one device that can do good photo and connectivity at same time.

The buyer of the Q100 needs to carry 2 devices. ( the smartphone and the Q100 add on). If you are willing to carry 2 devices why not carry your phone and your existing pocket camera ?

The bottom line: The Q100 could be a good deal only for someone that do not have a compact camera and it is thinking to buy one.

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On article Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 Zoom camera/phone hybrid (222 comments in total)

S4 screen : 1080 x 1920 pixels, 5.0 inches. S4 zoon screen: 960x540-pixel 4.3 inches.
Samsung why did you sacrifice the part of the smartphone people will use the most ? Where do you think people will look at the crappy photos/videos they will take with "S4 zoom" ? At home on their pc or on their retina display mac pro/ipad or on the smartphone ?

if Samsung is thinking about convergence it shouldn't have sacrificed the screen

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 6D In-depth Review (532 comments in total)

I am maybe one of the first 6D buyers . I wrote in the forum about 500 comments ago. I took the 6D in field trips in India and Korea and I have to say the camera is fantastic :
lightweight : you can carry it for 4-5 hours without getting tired
Ergonomic : perfect handling (at least for my hand size) . All the dials and buttons can be operated without leaving your sight from the viewfinder
Autofocus : fantastic . Never lost a shot in any light condition
Highlights : very forgiving . Very smooth transition , few clippings
Silent shot mode: very useful in several occasion
High Iso : excellent .
Canon Lens: the kit lens is a L series 24-105 f4. Great traveling companion : light and sharp, I agree with many , this lens has notable distortion at 24mm and vignetting at full but you can fix both in LR, so no worries

You can see some photos in 500px : user name mega-pixel

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timo: People here are dismissive about China's approach to quality and innovation. They were saying all the same thing about Japanese cars in the 1960s, and they've been saying the same thing about everything with 'Samsung' on it for years. Reality: China and Korea are going to give Japan, let alone the USA, real - really real - competition in every area of business over the next few years. (The Pacific is not going to be tension-free.) Get used to it. If you don't like it, produce more competitive products at home.

Hi, I live in China and for my work covering Japan, S. Korea and China. What you say about China is shared by other people but if you guys knew the 3 cultures you mentioned you would agreed that China will never have the culture of perfection that is needed to do quality stuff. Chinese focus on making money (kudos to them) increasing their profit with any mean. Korean are closer to the Japanese but more dynamic , Japan is obsessed with the perfection and improvement. Japanese culture well adapted to improve what they copied from the west , China culture is more geared to make in a cheaper way what they copy from west

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I bought my 6D last week in Japan. Before buying it I had the chance to use for few hours the 6D and the D600. The 6D felt good immediately: ergonomics, weight and feeling. The D600 was intimidating ( I own several camera bodies, so I am not a rookie) , It has buttons and dials everwhere, very messy feeling. The menus of Nikon are longer than then the screen so actually many items are hidden unless you scroll down. The raw photos I shot with both camera look fine to me. blowing out the image on the latest 27 inch I mac there were no big issues. I noticed that despite the canon AF Has less points I could focus much faster and accurately in the dark environment.
The bottom line: the cameras are both great at take fantastic photos but Canon has packaged the sensor and the electronic in a more user friendly body. At the end of the day the best camera is the one you have with you when needed and I would feel more incline to walk with the 6D that with the d600

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Canon and Nikon hope that all their customers using they DSLR will stick with them forever.
These 2 manufacturers failed to see that mirroless camera are a valid alternative for some applications also for pro users.
Canon and Nikom are keeping alive this mamoth format just for their economic interests.

I hope Sony and Fuji in the future will eat all their market.....
I can't wait when the mirroless will have full frame, when it will happen also the video entusiast will migrate to mirror less cameras.

Canon and Nikon losers like Kodak..

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This is a marketing experiment that will inevitably end in tragedy...
Like those Vertu mobile phones...

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