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  • Right you are, Alex. Sorry for writing misinformation. I don't know where I got that. I do note, however, that the amount of linear sensor movement possible in the KP is 2/3 of that which is ...
  • I use Composition Adjust all the time in my macro photography. It's one reason I wouldn't want the KP - it doesn't have it. Someone on this forum mentioned assigning Composition Adjust to the ...
  • Replied in Mushrooms
    Nice captures, Robert. I especially appreciate the stinkhorn (#3). Low light levels in the forest in the fall are indeed a challenge, especially when you want depth of field in a close-up. Tripod ...
  • Replied in Refconverter A
    I have one in excellent condition that I would be willing to sell.
  • Yes, the narrower the border is, as a proportion of the paper size, the closer the approximation works. ("The approximation" means paper of exactly the same aspect ratio as the image.) Likewise, ...
  • Thought I'd chime in here because so many people are saying that a print with equal borders is possible on paper with the same aspect ratio as the image. It is true, but only in two very special ...
  • "Pentax pressed on with progressively trying to modernize their 1950s film mount."
    The Pentax K mount was introduced in 1975 as a replacement for the M42 screw mount. It would be a stretch to...

  • James, agreed. I meant Bayer to refer to the interpolation process. Hence "no interpolation" and "not interpolated". Good to clarify further anyway. Thanks.
  • If you read this carefully, you can understand that it is correct. However, the wording might suggest that Bayer images are combined to produce a pixel-shifted image. To be clear: pixel-shift ...
  • Replied in Year with K-1
    That's all fine. When trying to solve a problem, going by the book may eliminate potential causes. The K-1 manual states, "Use this camera to format (initialize) a memory card that is unused or has ...
  • Replied in Year with K-1
    and do you format your card in camera?
  • Replied in Year with K-1
    Every raw file contains an embedded full-resolution JPEG to which processing options have been applied. That file is what you see on the camera's display when reviewing an image. That is why the ...
  • Thank-you for the information about OriginStamp. Invaluable!
  • Some Olympus lenses are focus-by-wire: the 60 mm macro (which I have actually handled), and according to also the 12 and 17 mm.
  • The optional battery grip for the KP takes the same battery as the K-5 and K-3 series cameras, so the KP should easily go for at least a thousand shots without a battery change in this configuration. ...
  • A moment's glance at Ricoh Pentax DSLRs makes it plain that the KP is not a replacement for the K-3 ii. DPReview should have exercised some basic thought and diligence to seek clarification before ...
  • What do you see at 24:40 in the video? What does he say at 24:56: "it gave ME sharper and cleaner images than any other camera could produce".
  • Adam, I would only like to point out that in-camera TIFFs are 8 bits per channel (I am basing this on my experience with earlier cameras than the K-1), unlike the raw data, which is 14 bits per ...
  • Thanks, Bob. Sometime I'll search for the way to set up a fixed IP address. Or do you have a link handy to any instructions?
  • I haven't set up a static IP address for my R3000 on Ethernet (because I don't know how). When the printer doesn't show up on the network, a cold restart of my router always brings it back on-line.
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