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To continue enjoying photography, satisfying myself, sharing what little I have to offer. Ask others their opinion when the mood strikes and not take their critism personally. I have been paid (well) for my photography but found I like taking pictures I want to take, when I want to take them, much more rewarding.


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On article Canon issues allergy warning for EOS 650D/Rebel T4i (176 comments in total)

I noticed white residue appearing and accumulating in the recesses of the grip on my 7D. I always make a point of keeping my hands clean when handling the camera, so I thought it was the covering was breaking down and wondered what might be causing it.

I think the problem is not confined the 650D, and goes back a few years because my 7D was one of the first delivered in the US.

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There is good (right) and bad (wrong) in all walks of life.

To those questioning why DPR posted a picture of the person responsible, I say why not. Pictures of other criminals (and alleged criminals) are all around us. Whatever “harm” may result from the picture posted could never approach the real harm this person’s actions had on thousands of others.

Those shouting snitch and whistle blower should think about what they are saying. (It may also provide insight into their personal morals.) These people are advocating people not to come forward when they have knowledge of a crime. How would they feel if their neighbors knew who stole all their camera equipment and emptied their bank accounts, but refused to disclose it. Theft from business is NOT a victimless crime!

At least ex-CEO, Woodford, brought this to light. Nobody else raised it. Many others must have been aware, but never reported this. This was not a small amount and should have been recognized and reported long ago.

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Built to order?
That should prevent them from having to build many, or selling many (if any).

What Sony user is going to have the patience to wait while one gets built? Whe we decide, we are an impatient lot. Speculation of the pricing aside, this will not be a cheap lens. One thinks long and hard before purchase of something in this price range. Does Sony really expect them to wait another month or so to get this lens?

Sony - Put you money where you promises are. Make at least a few as stock. You don't have to flood the market, just enought to provide retailers who are willing to speculate their clients will want one.

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ThePaulmeister: it seems it can't get critical focus on here, from the examples, will wait on this i think

Points available to select for focus are 'iffy'. Trying to focus on the girls teeth nothing happens. Using her earing as a point of focus does trigger refocus but nothing, including the earring, comes into focus.

There are many other aspects which I expect will keep this from becoming mainstream, even among uncritical snapshooters. It is a shame because I was really enthusiastic about this as I first read it.

This all an interesting concept and I applaud those who have taken it this far, but it has a long way to go before it will be widely accepted by anyone but very few.

Please keep working in this direction. While it may not replace the pro cameras there is certainly a place for this in today's world after its many shortcomings have been overcome.

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On photo Best Buddies in the Human-animal interaction challenge (13 comments in total)

The longer I look at this picture the more it draws me in. Nice capture!

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