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I'd rather have a faster, wider lens than super zoom range, but that's just me. Sony has obviously done their research and I'm not the target audience.

Regardless, you get a lot of camera in a tiny package.

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Something seems a little off with the images coming from the mark iii. They're not as clean looking as my mark ii. I'll have to give them another look on my pc when I get home.

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PhotoDiod: Canon should be more worried about the fact that so many people consider Canon's financial problems to be justice well served. Brand recognition is hard to build and its reputation is worth a lot more than the next year's profit. Canon has worked really hard on p***ing their loyal customers off.

The best post I've read here!

Canon customers go to upgrade their camera only to find that the new model is using the same sensor from 10 years ago and Canon has removed features like 24 fps, all-I codecs and they brag about an electronic shutter but it can only be used auto, not manual mode.

It's insulting. They want you to pay more for less. I can understand technical limitations like 4k crop but when you intentionally remove features that all your cameras have had for decades, it's obvious you're just being an a$$.

It's one thing to not innovate and sit still, but going backwards? It's unacceptable! If you're a Canon shooter and you have to change systems because Canon has given up, then you have to sell all your gear to make the move. It's a pain and THAT is why I have so much animosity towards Canon.

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peripheralfocus: I know this is like pi$$ing in the wind, but before we see 1,000 comments on how bad Canon camera X is, maybe people could think about the fact that Canon makes a lot more than cameras. Office equipment, in fact, has accounted for a far larger share of Canon's revenues and profits for several decades.

In that vein, in this latest story, Nikkei attributes the poorer-than-expected performance to:

"Worsening economic conditions in Europe have caused corporate clients to hold off on investments, softening sales of office equipment and other machinery."


"Semiconductor manufacturers have withheld capital spending on chipmaking equipment, one of Canon's products, and deliveries have been postponed."

Cameras are a secondary part of this latest story. Also, just for perspective, the poorer-than-expected profit that Canon will earn this year is still about $1.85 billion. That's profits. They are not in any kind of financial trouble. Not even close.

Then why are they blaming the smart phone?

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PhotoDiod: But don't worry, things are going to turn around soon:

Wow... just wow. They're reporting billions of dollars in revenue but they're crowd funding projects?

Suddenly it all makes sense. Mental health is a serious issue. I mean for real.

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Occams Razor: In reading many of the comments, there seems to be a widespread misunderstanding of what is happening within Canon. Until Form-20F (or equivalent) is filed and published, we really don't know the specifics of Canon's financial woes. The Imaging division only represents 25% of Canon's total revenues and what is described above seems to indicate that larger divisions may be having a greater impact on profitability. While this still doesn't bode well for Canon as a whole, their imaging division performance may still be in line with what the industry is experiencing.

If that's the case then why are they blaming the smart-phone?

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They can cry about smart-phones eating their profits all they want but the truth is they didn't innovate and compete, not only with the incoming smart-phones but other camera manufacturers either. They sat on their hands whining, releasing decade old tech, removing features with every release. They've alienated their customers in the process, tarnishing their brand they worked so hard for. As a Canon shooter I'm over it. They get what they deserve. Their market share has been and will continue to shrink. As far as I'm concerned, they're the new Kodak.

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EDWARD ARTISTE: An utter disaster and worst case scenario for the lazy bums at canon who's motto is to deliver something adequate every 4 years with as old tech as possible. It's time to admit that we likely won't be using canon bodies in a few short years.

Every announcement sony makes where they are delivering BETTER cameras with every iteration, makes canon full frame opportunities look DOA for years to come.

Canon will not make a camera like this. They can't. They don't have the tech, they don't have the drive/passion to really deliver for their customers. My 5d3 will continue to push on, but every time i try to lock a focus point on an eye an not waste a nice chunk of the frame.....just...argrh. The sensor tech is generations old, we are still waiting for ibis, etc etc etc. What is the chance the the wayyyyy overdue upcoming mirrorless crop will be anywhere as good as the years old d500? Good luck.

I'm right there with you. I'm going to keep shooting with my Canon till the wheels come off then I'm done with Canon.

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BigBen08: Your turn, Canon.

Yes, Canon is probably getting their old 5dr sensor out for a new "R" body and they'll stretch out the image resolution to match Sony's. Then they'll remove 24 fps and all the jacks except the USB version 1.0. They'll slap the Canon label on it and charge $1000 more than Sony. Everyone will praise the skin tones and color science even though they shoot raw exclusively.

At this point, I'm over Canon and their Cripple Hammer.

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While it's not a huge leap technically, they did listen to complaints. They worked on ergos with a better grip / buttons and weather resistants. They also added focus touch tracking for video.

I look forward to seeing these things implemented to the rest of the Alpha cameras.

That new mic also looked dope.

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IamToddNorris: If it's a camera I bet it won't be neutered with the 24 fps option removed and cropped 4k.

I'm going to keep shooting with my Canon gear till the wheels come off but after that I'm out.

It wouldn't surprise me if Sony announced another major leap forward in tech. They keep adding features and Canon keeps removing them.

Not a great time for a Canon shooter.

Yikes, didn't know that.

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If it's a camera I bet it won't be neutered with the 24 fps option removed and cropped 4k.

I'm going to keep shooting with my Canon gear till the wheels come off but after that I'm out.

It wouldn't surprise me if Sony announced another major leap forward in tech. They keep adding features and Canon keeps removing them.

Not a great time for a Canon shooter.

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tokumeino: G7X : where to attach the external mic ?

Canon Logic: You have to buy another canon camera to go along with it. Use the hot shoe on one and plug the mic into the other one.


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Adding a microphone jack, even without anywhere to attach it, is great. But why no 24 fps video on any of the new Canon products? They could have limited it to just 1080p and still satisfied their appetite for "crippling".

I'll stick with my G7X Mark ii.

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Daniel Bliss: If they'd just bring out the vertical grip they promised and sort out the firmware so the camera doesn't have to ask you special permission to focus-track, they'd be well on the way as it is.

You'd think with Sony's advanced sensors and Nikon's knowledge of making great bodies, Nikon would have a leg up in the competition.

They really need to work on their preamps though and also, build out that Z lens lineup asap.

I think they over priced their initial z6 and z7. Hopefully they learned their lesson.

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Do you have to live in Seattle, Washington?

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