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pacnwhobbyist: Would a firmware update be able to address some of the issues with the JPEGs, I wonder?

A firmware update to this review is what's needed, so people don't actually believe that the JPG output is terrible - it's not, but - shock! - artefacts start showing up at very high ISOs and if NR is at it's highest settings. These are non-issues given silly amount of importance by a reviewer searching for negatives. Bad for DPR's credibility mainly, and maybe to comfirm bias by religious anti-Sony/MILC types.

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The Mick: I like the little weevil shot. Very nice!

Thank you! Most others didn't agree it seems. :-)

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Steve Throndson: Congratulations on first place! It's a very nice photo that definitely says 'library'. I'm curious why f22?

Nice technique! F22, all in focus, but soft due to diffraction. Very clever! :-)

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Pennyanne: what a photo!! Well one!

Thanks Pennyanne!

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radrafa: Helo sir!!
Wich lens are you using?

Hi! This was the Olympus Om Zuiko "Made in Japan" 50mm f1.8.

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keepreal: I do not believe any mirrorless camera is ideal for serious photography not even as a second camera. My ideal would at worst be no bigger than or heavier than a Leica M3 with a good range of compact, light weight lenses including a 12-24mm equivalent that is not severely distorted when you use RAW. Electronic viewfinders appear to suffer from problems in certain conditions, so I insist upon an optical one approaching Leica quality. In spite of my reservations about EVF the NEX-7 might have been of some interest but for the hugely inflated price.

The idea of holding a camera away from your body to peer at a LCD screen on the back obliterated by bright sunlight, compose the image properly, hold the camera steady with your arm or arms away from your body is a joke.

Micro-miniaturisation of electronic circuits has not led to compact DSLRs like it could, just large heavy models with many useless features unnecessary complexity and bloated prices. The only winners are the manufacturers.

Yes, you're right, which is why the NEX 3/5/3C/5N have a tilting LCD that allows you to hold it against your torso, elbows pressed in, for a very stable hold, even with manual lenses! And a $10 clip-on pop-up sun-shade works perfectly for very bright sun.

Add to that fantastic low-light high ISO performance, almost non-existent anti-aliasing filter for fine detail, customisable buttons to avoid annoying menu, TTL metering, focus magnification & peaking aids, ability to adapt all glass ever, excellent Hand-Held Twilight low-noise stacking mode, panorama etc - NEX for the win! :-)

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Tee1up: Not sure what performance will be like but the only way I would want to handle that camera would be with a small pancake sized lens on the front. When you take a small form factor like that and add 4-5 inches of glass on the front, you have a recipe for carpal tunnel problems.

Nonsense - you've obviously never handled one. I use my NEX-5 with a heavy old Minolta 50 1.4 + adapter - hold it underneath with my left hand, and focus, click buttons and shutter with my right, and carry it around with the perfectly balanced grip. It all works beautifully!

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