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Francis Carver: " the US the camera body will cost $1699.99, and the video interface unit will be $1999.99."

No wonder then that nobody can take this company seriously any more.

Wow, USD $3,700 for the camera and interface monstrosity only -- just to shoot some mystery-grade 4K video using a smallish, square sensor?

Suddenly, our Down-Under friends with Blackmagic are the Honest Abes in the bottom-priced 4K video arena.

"...some mystery grade 4K video" - are you for real? - it's simply HIGHER RESOLUTION VIDEO and the video technology moving on and evolving- just as still imagery does and it's long overdue.

Current HD video is simply a moving image of 2 megapixels, 4K is 4 times that resolution at around 8 megapixels.

8K is four times that again at 32 megapixels and will be the next step up, the BBC videoed the London Olympics in the format for future generations to drool over.

4K video is going to be the video standard on most if not all DSLRs and indeed compacts from here on in, it's already available on the Galaxy S5 and Sony Z2 mobile phones and will be the future proofing deciding factor during the transition period as to what consumers will opt for with their camera choice in the meantime.

The same goes for TVs that can play the format.

I am holding out till there is more choice and for the inevitable price contraction, but my next camera is going to be 4K as will my TV, and I can't wait.

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P1B: Weird focus on some messages seems to be how Nokia is dying/doing wrong/late/whatever... the fact is; it is out now and regardless of anything else, it is a killer camera and a usable phone. It does not have the ui mastery of iphone, sure the old Symbian is showing it's age...

The pictures are really that crazy sharp and clean, I liked how pictures came out from my N8 and this one just blows past it (Using 8mp creative mode, so getting most out of pureview and the large sensor, don´t really zoom.. just want the extra cleanliness of the pictures)

I bought this to complement my 5d2 on the road while it is having a major underhaul (10 months on the road and largely in Asia have not beed kind to it, I guess moisture finally caught up with it)
I use phone for secondary photography when I don't want to take out/carry my 5d2 and this is a perfect one for the road.
For me worth every penny, as I will always have a good camera with me wherever I go.

I think you are the only one deluding yourself. The sample photos give the lie to your absurd 2mp claim, and I'll take the word of a professional reviewer over yours any day.

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Almost perfect, should have waited for the clouds to drift away from behind the tallest mountain though as they have a negative impact on the profile.

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