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On article Throwback Thursday: Casio QV-4000 (58 comments in total)

I have CASIO QV-R40 which also was 4Mpix camera.. but using "best shot" mode editor it was possible to "install" new "best shot" profiles and gain full manual control over shutter (1/2000 to 2s) and aperture (two steps). Wonderfull little camera that took something over 30 000 photos before the aperture/shutter died. Now only video (320x240 no sound, 30s duration) works. Photos are stuck on something like 1/10s by electronic part of shutter.. mechanical shutter is dead. Anyway it was cute camera and the lens had plenty of contrast.

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On article Sigma 12-24mm F4 DG HSM Art Lens Review (202 comments in total)


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On article Throwback Thursday: Nikon D40 (174 comments in total)

At least there was K series of Pentax DSLRs...

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kaiguy: Odd that they went with the 500mm f/4 as their first supertele...maybe because it's geared towards non-professional birders? My understanding is that the 600mm f/4 and 400mm f/2.8 vastly outsell the 500mm f/4, but the 600mm/400mm I guess are likely to be sold to professional shops who are 100% Canon/Nikon.

First supertele? Nice joke.

They already had 500/4.5 for ages.

Not to mention 300/2.8, 300-800/5.6, 200-500/2.8 and others like 50-500, 150-500, 150-600 etc.

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K mount please!

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Question is, if this is usable at F1.4. Probably needs to be stopped down to F2 to achieve acceptable sharpness even on edges anyway.

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On article Meyer-Optik Goerlitz launches 3-element 95mm F2.6 (124 comments in total)

No Pentax mount?


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No Pentax K mount? M42 is usable, but...

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On article D500 owner formally accuses Nikon of false advertising (473 comments in total)

Get PENTAX instead

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Pentax mount.. hmm.. nice :)

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On article Canon announces budget-friendly EOS Rebel T6 (1300D) (874 comments in total)

More electronic waste... hmmm. People, be sane and buy some used higher level body instead of these ultraplastic attempts.

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Idea taken from Pentax AF 1.7x teleconverter which uses moving element to provide AF on any attached lens.

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Add some more. 18% is not enough. People are still buying that.

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Nice res, but it will probably be horribly affected by noise around ISO3200..

Studio & landscape camera.

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xmeda: Pentax mount?

Samhain: Because you DO NOT NEED FF CAMERA TO USE 20/1.4 LENS. It also works perfectly on APS-C cameras. OMG!

matthew saville: Both canon or nikon are too different to be converted. Only similalr mount is sony alfa. Canon is completely electric with no aperture mechanics and Nikon has different flange distance. Only that minolta/sony mount has nearly the same options as K mount.

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Pentax mount?

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Rebranded TAMRON 24-70/2.8 .. not even worth the * designation..

At least they have FF standard zoom again... fast and cheap with little effort.

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Still no match for Pentax K3 ;)

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On article Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review (466 comments in total)
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ttran88: These are the cameras that make beginners hate photography, no face recognition, OVF that tells you crap, forget to change your settings and you are screwed, fat & ugly, needs micro adjustments for lenses. Have Canon ever thought to make these tools easier for people to use, people might still be interested in photography and not buy one and leave it in their closet.

Buy point and shoot camera or take photos with phone. Easy.

DSLR is for users who at least know how to use it.

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